Zelensky and Emmanuel Macron’s ‘uncomfortable’ embrace met with hilarious reaction | World | News

The picture, taken in Kyiv, showed the French President holding Mr Zelensky in an embrace. Some users noted how “uncomfortable” the Ukrainian President looks. Responding to the picture, Tory MP Michael Fabricant wrote: “Just look at Volodomir’s face of him.

“His expression tells it all!”

Another Twitter user, @BritishAlba joked: “Over 4 months into the war that’s the most worried photo of Zelensky ive seen lol.

“Can’t really blame him.”

A third user, @IANDAVIDJOHNSO1 agreed, writing: “[Volodymyr Zelensky] doesn’t look very happy with Macron in that camera shot.”

Baloo E. Shum (@ShumBaloo) quipped: “Zelesnkyy looks to camera… ‘please help me'”

Susan (@susan_amis) added: “Zelensky looks uncomfortable”

Meanwhile, Carol Donaldson said Zelensky “looks like he is pushing Macron away.”

The picture was taken on Mr Macron’s first visit to Kyiv since the war in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022.

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“We stand with the Ukrainians without ambiguity.

“Ukraine must resist and win.”

Mr Draghi promised that Ukraine would be rebuilt, telling reporters: “They destroyed nursery schools, gardens for children.

“All will be rebuilt.

“They [the Ukrainians] have already started, they have a digital system which registers every place which was destroyed.

“They know the exact location of the sites to be rebuilt.

“Every family has an app on which they describe what happened, and they are already making good progress.”

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