Your letters for June 17, 2022

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Firefighters are on the frontlines of emergencies in Calgary every day, from fire to medical emergencies.

Appreciating our Calgary city councilors who joined up with the Fire Ops 101 training exercise to learn what it’s like to put on the bunker gear of a firefighter and face the heat. Councilors got to see firsthand what it’s like to be a firefighter and understand the risks – when resources don’t meet the growing demand for emergency services.

Methinks it’s time to restore funding for fire operations in the upcoming budget … and you?

Madelainne K. Joss, Calgary

Son’s loving tribute appreciated

Re: My coal mining dad knew climate change’s impact, Opinion, June 16

Chris, Nelson, what a beautiful and touching tribute to your dad. You spoke of many dads who worked to provide a living for their families, their health and old age were never a consideration.

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Chris, you are your dad’s reward. Thank you for your tribute to such dads.

Pearlene Schnitzler,

GG’s outrageous flight of fancy

Re: GG, guests rack up $100K inflight catering bill during March visit to UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, June 15

I am appalled and disgusted that Governor-General Mary Simon chose to invite 29 guests to the Middle East and spent $93,117.89 onboard the government’s plane on catering!

Canadians are living through a cost of living crisis and she thinks this is OK? It´s not!

Sally Roenisch, Calgary

Catering costs would go far in helping displaced Ukrainians

It’s time to implement a maximum per-person catering allowance on government flights. I know that the Ukrainian family staying in my home right now could sure use some of that outrageous bill for a few months of rent.

How selfish and privileged can you get? This Governor-General is on track to be as bad and irresponsible as the last one.

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Arctic island border issue misconstructed

Re: ‘Friendliest war’ ends with a new border; Canada to share Hans Island with Denmark, June 14

Tristin Hopper totally missed the mark on Arctic sovereignty claims. Countries are most definitely not in a UN process to carve up the Arctic Ocean. They are in a scientific process for ratified UNCLOS (UN Convention on Oceans and the Law of the Sea) members to map the boundaries of their extended continental shelf.

That’s the seabed, not the waters. That is a completely scientific process, that basically earns a pass/fail on scientific proof unless claims overlap. Which ours does with Russia, for instance. So then it must move to a different resolution process.

Saying that “Canada, Denmark and Russia have all submitted competing claims to a swath of the Arctic Ocean ….” is completely false and inflammatory. If Hopper investigated the details of the Hans Island history, one thinks he might have done a modicum of research on the larger more important issue.

L. J. Ridgeway, Ottawa

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