What exotic plants can survive in the UK – and what’s best time to plant them?

As we head into the summer months, now is the perfect time to fill your garden with beautiful exotic plants. The Mirror has spoken to experts to find out which are the best ones to pick and when to plant them

Now is the perfect time to start planting exotic plants in your garden

After the long winter months, Brits across the country are heading back out into their gardens to enjoy the warmer weather.

However, millions will be met with a garden in disarray, after having been largely left unattended all this time.

This offers the perfect time for a garden makeover, and there is no better way to impress your neighbors than filling it with exotic plants.

They can be difficult to tackle though as planting them at the wrong time or not tending to them currently could lead to their quick end.

Don’t let it put you off though, as The Mirror has spoken to gardening and plant expert at Myjobquote.co.uk, Fiona Jenkins to help you create the garden you’ve always wanted.

Here is a list of exotic plants that will thrive in the UK.

Colocasia ‘Hawaiian Punch’

Colocasia are also known as Red-Stemmed Elephant Ears


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These plants are also known as Red-Stemmed Elephant Ears.

Jenkins said: “Affectionately known as Red-Stemmed Elephant Ears, so that gives you some idea of ​​its exotic appearance.

“Its large heart-shaped leaves give gardens a wonderfully tropical feel and it’s perfectly happy in a relatively sunny border.

“It’s best planted in springtime and needs to be kept watered while it’s getting established.”

Alocasia odora ‘Giant Taro’

Alocasia odora are best planted as soon as the frost goes away


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These plants can have a big impact on your overall garden.

Jenkins explained: “It gives gardens a jungle-like feel with its chunky stems and large parasol leaves. It grows quickly but does need planting when the frosts have passed.

“This gives it time to establish over summer before the cold weather sets in again, and water it frequently to keep the soil moist.”

Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Ferns are very low maintenance plants


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These are low-maintenance and highly reliable greenery in the garden.

Jenkins said: “These exotic ferns come in slightly different varieties such as Athyrium niponicum ‘Ursula Red’ but they’re generally striped with white, purple and green – so they’re really decorative.

And as they’re fully hardy, cold weather won’t harm them. Plus, they’ll grow happily in shady parts of the garden. Spring is the best time for planting, but any time that isn’t frosty is fine.”

Red Hot Poker or Kniphofia

Red-hot pokers are one of the most colorful exotic plants you can add to the garden



This perennial flower can add spades of color to your garden.

Jenkins adds: “Native to South Africa, they’re surprisingly hardy and come in vibrant colors with spikey bottlebrush-shaped blooms. They really stand out in borders and pots.

And tend to flower well into autumn. They come in lots of varieties with warm colors from deep red to yellow, so you can mix and match them in your garden.

“For best results, plant them in late spring and deadhead after flowering.”

Crocosmia ‘Prince of Orange’

Crocosmia are best planted in late spring


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This will create a truly exotic feel to your garden without the need for matching weather.

“This colorful plant produces flowers and spikes that positively glow during summer with oranges, reds and yellows.

“Plant it somewhere sheltered where it can get a bit of sun and keep the ground nice and moist. Late spring is the ideal time to plant it.”

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