Watch Powerlifter Julius Maddox Attempt to Break Eddie Hall’s CrossFit World Record

You may recall that in February 2020, Eddie Hall showed up at the European CrossFit Championships for a meet and greet, but rather than stick to his booth and sign autographs, he decided to spend his time breaking a world record instead.

The record Hall broke was in CrossFit’s “Isobel” workout, which requires competitors to complete 30 snippets for time. Hall did it in an impressive 50.9 seconds, but now another non-CrossFit athlete has tried to claim the crown.

The man in question is American weightlifter Julius Maddox, who is no stranger to world record attempts. Since 2019, the 200kg powerlifter has advanced the all-time raw bench press world record four times, with the current record standing at 355kg (782.6lbs).

You can see Maddox’s take on Isobel in the video he posted on his TikTok below. But, spoiler alert, he ultimately wasn’t able to complete as many snatches as Hall, landing a respectable 28 snatches in 50 seconds, which he said wasn’t bad for “a powerlifter. lazy”.

Even though Maddox couldn’t break the world record, his efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Isobel’s current world record holder Hall congratulated him on his attempt, saying “Great effort bro.”

Could this exchange eventually lead the duo to face a partner WOD together? We’re not sure, but we’d love to see it.

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