Vancouver police say driver clocked at twice the limit


An extra sixty-two kilometers per hour costs a dangerous driver $368 and a week without his Toyota Corolla.

Vancouver Police Department Traffic Unit Sgt. Mark Christensen posted a photo of the towed red car on Twitter on Thursday evening. In the foreground, a large 50 stands out against the speed limit sign.

“When you’re running along SW Marine at 70 mph with the speed limit reduced to 50, you probably shouldn’t blame the cops for ‘hiding in the bushes’…I was standing by panel!” Christensen wrote:.

Police can confiscate vehicles for speeding, which is defined as speeding over 40 km/h by the Motor Vehicles Act. The penalty for speeding can vary between $138 and $483, depending on the violation, and three penalty points on the driver’s record.

In addition to the fine, which increases according to the speed of the offender, the driver will have to pay the costs of towing and storage at the impound and will have three penalty points on his driving record.

On Twitter, like his handful @Baldguy1363 might suggest, Christensen often posts humorous jokes about driving failures to his roughly 1,500 subscribers, though the dangers of speeding are no joke. According to RoadSafetyBC, speeding is the leading cause of death on BC roads, with an average of 82 fatalities per year.

DriveSmartBC data shows that in 2021, the highest speeding ticket was 181 km/h in a 60 zone. In the same year, speeding fines in Vancouver totaled $14,461,182, funds are intended to support community safety and address local police service priorities.

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