Vancouver Cheap Eats: 6 Ramen Places You Must Try

There’s no shortage of ramen to sip in Vancouver, but where can you go to find inexpensive ramen that doesn’t sacrifice taste or quality?

From the thickness and flavor of the broth to the integrity of the noodles, we’ve done some serious research to curate this list just for you.

Here are six of the best places for affordable ramen in Vancouver that won’t disappoint your taste buds:

Ramen Danbo

Ramen Danbo specializes in traditional Tonkotsu ramen, which is very popular in Japan. His classic ramen costs just $ 10.95 a bowl. If you’re feeling crazy, spend a few extra bucks and try something new.

Address: 1333 Robson Street, Vancouver
Call: 604-559-8112

Address: 1833 West 4 Avenue, Vancouver
Call: 778-379-8977

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Ramen Marutama

Marutama Ramen serves up lip-smacking ramen for under $ 18. Most of his bowls cost between $ 13 and $ 15, including his $ 13.90 Tan-men Ramen, made with creamy chicken broth, boiled cabbage, spinach, carrots, sugar, mushrooms, green onions and fine noodles.

Address: 270 Robson Street, Vancouver

Address: 2858 Main Street, Vancouver

Address: 780 Bidwell Street, Vancouver

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Taishoken ramen

Taishoken Ramen is known for its thick, rich broth, and all of its ramen dishes cost under $ 15. You can upgrade to a combo with your choice of side.

Address: 515 Abbott Street, Vancouver
Call: 778-737-3805

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Kintaro’s Shoyu Ramen is a must-try, especially for just $ 12.60. You can try their specialty BBQ pork ramen for a few extra bucks which come in four different flavors.

Address: 788 Denman Street, Vancouver
Call: 604-682-7568

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If you’re the type that says ‘ramen is life’ then do Benkei a favor. This is where you’ll swallow every bit of your tasty ramen without leaving a drop. His Shoyu Ramen is $ 13.25 and the Curry Ramen is $ 15.50.

Address: 545 West Broadway, Vancouver
Call: 604-568-6178

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The butcher ramen

The Ramen Butcher serves fresh, authentic ramen that is far from disappointing. It has over 10 types of ramen on the menu, including classic, orange miso, coconut curry, spicy chestnut miso, and more. The classic costs $ 14.50 a bowl.

Address: 223 Georgia Street, Vancouver
Call: 604-806-4646

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