Van Hunt jokes that he needs this thing to happen for him to marry Halle Berry

hunting might be ready to get married Halle Berry under one condition.

On Thursday, Hunt sat down with host Domenick Nati of “The Domenick Nati Show,” where he joked about the one thing he needs to pop the question to Berry. Nati began by speaking with Hunt about how he and Berry threw everyone on a loop with their New Year’s Eve photos. Many interpreted Berry’s message as a way to tell their fans that they got married. But a few days later, Berry said they were “just having fun on New Year’s Day.”

Halle Berry and Van Hunt.  (Photo: @vanhunt/Instagram)

Halle Berry and Van Hunt. (Photo: @vanhunt/Instagram)

Speaking on the post for the first time, Hunt wants to clarify that they “never tried pranks” but the two were “just having fun”. He said, “Trying our own January fish.”

The 55-year-old actress uploaded two photos that day: one of her and Hunt sharing a kiss under what appeared to be an altar, and the second a close-up photo of the two smiling with the words “It’s 2022” below. What really got people thinking the two got married was Berry’s caption, which read, “Well…IT’S OFFICIAL.”

Later, after Hunt explained that the two were just “teasing” their fans, Nati asked him if he intended to marry Berry. Jokingly, Hunt said, “Maybe, after ‘Automatic Woman’ is nominated for an Oscar and wins.”

“Automatic Woman” is a song sung by multi-Grammy recording artist HER and produced by Hunt. It was added to the soundtrack of Berry’s “Bruised” film, in which she starred and directed.

Despite his harmless joke, it seems Hunt is just as happy to be with Berry as the “Catwoman” star is to be with him. Since confirming their relationship in September 2020, Berry hasn’t been shy about talking about the love and happiness she’s had with Hunt. Hunt is a bit more private with their relationship but expresses a lot of love for her when asked.

He wouldn’t tell Nati how their relationship started, but he showed gratitude that they met. Hunt said: “I’m just glad we met…the opportunity for me is something I never even dreamed possible, to start a relationship at 50. But it’s going really, really well. That’s all I can say.”

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