ToughPigs Art: Elmo’s Death Stare

As you may have seen, Elmo has been all over social media for the past week. No, not because he finally started using proper pronouns. It’s because of a rock.

Rocco, to be precise. Zoe’s rock has had Elmo questioning his sanity for years, and the Tik Tok generation has finally found out. Welcome to the club, dear young people.

A few days ago, our friends at the Muppet Wiki shared this video of Elmo enduring the pain of Rocco’s theme song:

Their post went viral (naturally), and the artistic side of the internet responded! Dozens of fan artists have recreated this scene (or just Elmo’s death stare) and shared their work online. And we thought it was hilarious enough to compile and share here with you all.

Many thanks to the Muppet Wiki for sharing the work, and congratulations to all those talented artists who have shared their creations online. If you like what you see, be sure to follow each of these creators on Twitter!

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by Joe Hennes –

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