This must be why Hikaru Shida was written off AEW television

AEW announced a grudge match on this week’s (January 12) episode of dynamite featuring Hikaru Shida taking on Serena Deeb to finally settle their issues.

It wasn’t a fair fight, as Deeb attacked Shida’s knee from behind as he entered, then dropped his knee first into the steel steps. Shida tried to hang on, but she had no luck with just one good leg. Hikaru never tapped, but the referee ended the match when Serena pinned her in the Serenity Lock.

Deeb then sadistically broke a kendo stick over Shida’s injured knee in a post-match assault.

If you were wondering if there’s more to the story behind this injury angle, then you’d be absolutely right.

Shida posted close-up images of her bruises on Twitter and mentioned that she was going back to Japan.

AEW will therefore be without Shida for a while, and Japan gets Princess Tsuru back:

Which AEW wrestler do you think Serena Deeb will target next, Cagesiders?

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