These hacks can help you better handle inflation

We’re all dealing with the nightmare of inflation in our daily lives, slowly realizing the areas it’s hitting us the hardest. If your wallet feels lighter than usual, then you’re not alone. But what if there was a way to hack your way through inflation?

It sounds crazy, but hear us out. Since the dollar isn’t going far and our paychecks certainly aren’t skyrocketing to compensate, it’s time to get innovative and find strategies that help us retain as much money as we can.

We’re breaking down eight areas that have been hit hard by inflation, and offering some hacks you can implement to save money.


With items like beef seeing a 24% increase year over year, just doing the weekly grocery shopping can feel like an assault on your bank account. Joining a membership warehouse club can help numb the pain, allowing you access to greater savings and letting you buy in bulk for your family.

Though it can be tough to fork out membership fees, some warehouses offer specials from time to time that allow you to join at a lower price. Right now Sam’s Club has a deal on a one year membership for just $14.99 that also includes a $10 Sam’s Club E-Gift card for first-time members, which is a great hack that not only gives you savings and free food up front, but saves you big for the next 12 months.

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We’ve all missed traveling after the last two years, but now that we’re able to more easily go on vacation, the prices for hotels and flights are higher than ever. Like warehouse membership clubs, the savvy shoppers know there are clubs to join to ensure you’re paying the lowest price for all of your getaway needs. And though they charge membership fees, you can time your purchase to their special deals to make sure you’re not forking over too much to join.

Right now Dollar Flight Club has a massive sale on their Premium Plus+ Lifetime Subscription, which helps you save up to $2,000 on Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class flights. Instead of costing well over $1,000, this lifetime membership is available now for $99. Once you join, you’ll be saving on domestic and international flights and potentially saving even more with the travel tips on how to travel smarter from their experts.

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3.Home Décor

Anyone who has shopped for furniture over the last few years knows the supply chain crisis has seriously impacted our ability to fill our home. From desks to tables to beds, purchasing anything for the home seems to be a struggle with delayed delivery dates and backorder issues.

If you’ve recently moved or are just in desperate need of a new mattress, you probably know how tough it can be to procure one. Stores seem to be on serious backorder, with promises of delivery dates so far in the future you might have already moved again. This makes shopping online for these kinds of helpful items, as you don’t have to waste time (and precious gas money!) falling in love with a mattress only to be told it’s unavailable. Online furniture shopping is a great hack for finding items that can be delivered quickly, and also a great way to score a big sale. If you’re looking for a comfy King-sized mattress, the GhostBed® Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress is currently in stock and on sale for a massive 42% off the usual price.

If furniture is getting more expensive, that means all the accessories your furniture needs will be setting you back a pretty penny, too. Yep, we’re talking pillows, comforters, rugs and more, all costing much more with furniture and bedding costs reportedly skyrocketing 11%.

Acting on a deal when you see it is a great hack. Whether you snapped up the aforementioned mattress online or you’re lucky enough to finally have received that mattress you ordered at the end of 2020 and it’s in need of new sheets, you can take advantage of this insane sale on Bamboo Smart Pocket Sheets under $33 .

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Planning on sending a kid to college or thinking about heading back to school to advance your career? Jim Hundrieser, the vice president for consulting and business development at the National Association of College and University Business Officers, told NBC News in February 2022 that tuition hikes are inevitable with current inflation rates. “There’s absolutely going to be an increase in tuition and fees,” Jim shared, citing the higher costs in other areas of life. Several schools have reportedly already announced tuition and fee hikes as high as 4.7 percent.

Fortunately, many online courses aren’t upping their prices, and they allow you to learn from the comfort of your couch. The Ultimate MBA in 1 Bundle, for example, teaches you to think like a CEO with five online courses taught by Chris Haroun, an award-winning business school professor and MBA graduate from Columbia University who definitely knows what he’s talking about. Learn real-life skills that can help you in your career with courses that are only $7 a piece and receive lifetime access with no insane price hikes.

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Apple is seeing an 8% cost increase on some products, and the PC Market is seeing increases of up to 10% these days. Since the product you’re getting is similar to what you would have paid a lot less for a year or two ago, it might be time to consider a refurbished model.

Refurbished models from reputable dealers like Apple go under rigorous checks and balances. They offer the same bells and whistles as brand new models, and especially in today’s climate, save you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars while giving you the same benefits of a brand new one. If you have to buy a computer during this crazy financial time, it might be wise to look into this affordable option. Right now you can score a new-to-you Apple MacBook Air in amazing condition for 64% off the usual price.

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6.Home Appliances and Power

Need a new washing machine? How about a dryer? If you have to buy one in 2022, you’re going to see a much higher price than you’re used to. Home appliances were reportedly up 13% year over year in December 2021, and they’re only going to increase. Unfortunately, this is one area where you can’t always buy in advance or know you’re going to need a new item.

Hacks are a little tougher in this field, but they’re still possible. Investing in something like an Air Fryer Toaster Oven provides numerous ways to cook food for your family, without having to turn to an oven or microwave. And they’re priced a lot better too, especially when you hit a sale like this one where it’s on price drop to $99.99 from $149.

And if your power goes out at home, a great and cost-effective way to keep them going is with some solar power. The Generark Solar Generator has a backup power station and SolarPower ONE portable solar panels to provide you the perfect emergency power supply source, letting you charge electronics (or cars!) and operate home appliances even in a disaster as you stay safe at home. And though it’s an investment upfront, it’s a renewable energy source that will pay for itself many times over in the long run.

We hope these innovative ideas help you shave off a little money from your monthly budget or prevent a big splurge in the future, so you can use it elsewhere for yourself or your family.

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