Finally, the Lakers acquired Russ to spell LeBron and eat innings throughout the regular season, not to win playoff games – they proved they could do it with a healthy LeBron, AD and backup plays. health. Well, they’re more than halfway through the season, LeBron is carrying his heaviest load in years, and he’s not producing a W.

“My confidence never wavers, regardless of scrutiny, regardless of what is said,” Westbrook said. “It’s been my whole career. No matter. Every year it’s always a conversation of if and what and how and when. And we have the group here that is able to do that. Once we all kinda get together and have a few games together, staying healthy, we’re able to see what we’re really capable of as we go through the season. We are halfway now. As we get to the playoffs, I think we can do something special.

Technically, he’s right. They still have time to solve the riddle. But time is running out and the pressure is mounting.

Trade Tobias Harris, Ben Simmons, Sixers