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The ever-evolving Restaurant Graveyard series looks back at the countless long-closed establishments that helped propel Vancouver food and drink forward. Complete AZ with maps and photos here. May they never be forgotten!

The list of closed Gastown restaurants is long and unfortunately growing. It’s an ever-changing area, fueled by a steady stream of cruise ships and cultured foodies. And while the pandemic has been difficult for many neighborhoods, I can’t help but feel like Gastown is suffering the consequences. From retail shops to dive bars, the list of businesses closed or relocated reads:

Army and Navy, Wildebeest, Pub 340, Lamplighter, Clough Club, Irish Heather, Salt, Nouvelle Nouvelle, Livestock, Ollie Quinn, 131 Water Kitchen and Bar, MIA, Prado/Smart Mouth, Parliament, Peckinpah, Rogers Chocolates, E:cle , Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, Poke Shop, Fresh Bowl, Structube, David’s Tea, Megabite Pizza, Litchfield, Orling and Wu, Espace D, ARC, Evo, Tuc Craft Kitchen, Six Hundred Four, M0851, Ampersand Bistro, Revel Room, Eyeland , Metropole, Nicli, La Mezcaleria, Charles Bar, Strike Mvmnt, Coquille, Bauhaus, Sardine Can, and probably a ton moreā€¦

Add them to the legendary restaurants already present in the restaurant graveyard (Judas Goat, Mosquito, Boneta, Bauhuas, The Abbey, Cork and Fin, Tempranillo, Cobre, Sea Monstr Sushi, Chill Winston and Blacktail Florist) and it looks like a door rotating. Many of the locations above have been replaced – Kozak at the Bauhaus/Boneta location, Gringo at the Judas Goat location, Local at Chill Winston’s location, and Roosh where Peckinpah was – so there’s some cautious optimism.

Without getting into the politics of high rents passed on to small businesses or the so-called worker shortage, Gastown is going through a tough time. Sensationalized media reports portraying the historic hood as a crime-infested cesspool don’t help.

But for me, one of the most heartbreaking stories is that of the greedy pig. This cozy, unassuming Saskatchewan-themed tavern was a lounge for beer and bourbon lovers (the drink list was created by none other than local bartender, Nick Devine) with a menu of seasonal dishes ( the entirety of which could have been featured in the Comfort Food Guide to Vancouver) and a century-old room reminiscent of history.

In addition to the costs associated with the pandemic, owners Allison and Cameron McKinnon had to battle Cam’s throat cancer and the resulting laryngectomy. With Cam unable to work, Allison struggled to keep the gastro pub open.

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