The best places to work in Canada in 2022 have just fallen and these 6 are hiring in Ontario RN

Finding a new job in Ontario can be overwhelming, and scouring the Internet for the right position, let alone the right company, can be a headache. Fortunately, this makes things a lot easier when you know where to look.

Glassdoor, a website where employees anonymously rate their employers, just released its list of the best places to work in Canada in 2022, offering job seekers information on the most desirable companies (and let’s face it, their pay). is a big part of this).

So to celebrate the fact that a bunch of tedious vetting has just been done for us, these are the best places to work hiring in Ontario right now.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies, with Canadian headquarters in North York, ranked first out of 25 companies on the list.

“Great culture. Opportunity to grow. Flexible work environment. The company really cares about work-life balance,” one of Dell’s inside sales account managers told Glassdoor.

The company is currently recruiting for several high-paying positions in Toronto, including Account Managers, Senior Analysts and Specialists.

So, if you tend to be brain-oriented, then Dell could be your opportunity to put your skills to good use and work for a well-known company to support its employees.

City of Mississauga

The City of Mississauga was new to the list this year, in 14th place, and is looking to fill many positions, including Administrative Assistant, Long-Term Forestry Intern (Invasive Species), and Technical Services Manager. .

“Great colleagues and management; no silos. Very collaborative team environment, ”wrote one employee.

Not only does working for the City of Mississauga allow you to provide a true public service, it also ensures that your personal needs are met.


Apple ranked 25th on the list this year, and Ontarians have plenty of opportunities to work with the tech giant, which is headquartered in Canada in downtown Toronto.

The company is currently looking to hire writers, managers, technical specialists and professionals, among others.

“Truly takes care of his employees in times of crisis and never had to worry about losing their jobs due to the pandemic,” wrote an Apple sales specialist from Toronto.

Thomson reuters

This media giant, located in Toronto, is known for having excellent management, skilled workers and excellent lines of communication. A reputation that ranked him 20th on the list.

The company recently posted vacancies to fill the following positions, software engineers, treasury analyst and technical managers, among others.


Fortinet Technologies Canada, which has an office in Ottawa, ranks 7th on the list thanks to its ability to pay above-average salaries and provide new hires with an exceptional training program.

The company is hiring for several positions in Ontario, including pre-sales security expert and operational technology sales engineer.

Spotting systems

Yet another impressive tech company, currently ranked 17th on the list, has also called Toronto home. If you’re looking to work for people who emphasize work-life balance, this could be your place.

Positions available include Senior Network Consultant, Organizational Change Management Consultant and Senior Virtualization Consultant.


If none of the above really means anything to you, you can always reach out to these other top Ontario companies that were on the list, some of which are also hiring right now: Cisco Systems Canada, SAP Software Canada, D2L, Export Development Canada, Salesforce Canada and Levio.

Then you might want to dust off the old CV and apply!


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