‘The best clubs of the time’ – Memories of Greater Manchester’s lost nightclubs of the 80s and 90s where ‘incredible’ nights took place

MEN readers have shared their memories of the personalities of clubs and popular venues in Greater Manchester in the 1980s and 1990s.

Last month, the Manchester Evening News shared images of dancefloors at the time – and we were overwhelmed with your comments.

We’ve found more images from our archive, Mirrorpix, to take you back in time, from Checkpoint Charlie nightclub to the Paradise Factory and we’ve been inundated with your memories on social media.

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From revelers dancing the night away in a number of popular nightclubs to what the now-lost venues looked like back then, there are plenty of fond memories of these Mancunian-run venues.

On the MEN Facebook page, Mandy Jane Hampton said: “They don’t do the nightlife like they use it too.. TOP CLUBS back then!!”

On our website, Nowty1 commented: “So easy to forget these places, brings back memories of more normal times. We had no idea how the world was going to turn out. Not a cell phone in sight!”

Ian Upton wrote: “I have fond memories of Madchester’s brilliant club scene in the 1990s.”

What was your favorite lost nightclub in the area? Let us know in the comments section below.

Rockworld Nightclub, Manchester.  August 14, 1992
Rockworld nightclub in Manchester. August 14, 1992

Old Father Time said, “Lots of good nights at Rockworld, bottles of Dog and the night bus to Rochdale, took hours and reeked of vomit. Whiplash the next day – happy times.”

Mandi Atherton posted: “Rockworld / Maximes Wigan was my place in the early 90s.”

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21 Club Piccadilly, Manchester.  March 29, 1991
21 Club Piccadilly in Manchester. March 29, 1991

woz1985 said, “21s what a place. We had some fun times there.”

ShminkyPinky commented, “Remember most of them. I have a thing for The Number One Club because it’s the first place I started hearing house music on a regular basis.

“Nitro Deluxe’s ​​’This Brutal House’ remains etched in my memories of the time. We used to go there every Wednesday night and Bubbles took good care of it.”

And Trendy12 posted: “Pips, Rotters, Placemate 7, Millionaire Club, Brambles,, Blueberries, AppleJacks, No1 Club, Lloyds, Legends, Hacienda saw Madonna there, had amazing nights in the 80s/90s at Manchester.”

The LUVDUP twins, Mark (left) and Adrian, DJ at Paradise Factory nightclub.  January 25, 1995
The LUVDUP twins, Mark (left) and Adrian, DJ at Paradise Factory nightclub. January 25, 1995

A number of MEN readers have also mentioned some of their favorite places to visit over the years.

Aaronleo1 said: “The Promenade, Brickhouse, The Royal Nightclub. Some great clubs.”

macduffy1 posted: “Legends on a Wednesday and not forgetting roommate 7 on a Friday Saturday. Best Legends sound system in Manchester at the time. I always went deaf.”

Faithless said: “The gate on Deansgate. Didn’t last long but had a smashing couple of nights there.”

And the overview wrote: ‘Before them you had The Princess in Chorlton and the Ocean Eleven in Levenshulme plus The Georgian in Salford and much more TV killed them all.’

Wigan Casino Dancers 1975, Northern Soul dance
Wigan Casino Dancers in 1975, dancing Northern Soul

YellowSnowman mentioned Wigan Casino, which we also recently featured. Here you can see a photo inside the room in the mid-1970s.

They said: “The greatest club of all and once voted the greatest club in the world, even above those in America, was the legendary and much-loved WIGAN CASINO. Will be loved and the music adored long after all those places will have been forgotten. Keep The Faith.”

While Doubletrouble1 commented: “Anyone remember City Lights in Farnworth? Or Pepe in Walkden? Not Manchester city center but still great nightspots. (As I recall: ))”

And Leeabr101 wrote: “No mention of royal nightclubs?? Thursday night student night. 50p pint watered down hostels, crowded dance floor and bangers like jumping and knowing how! Those were the days!”

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