Tearing up Protocol would destabilize Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein warns Boris Johnson

yesinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald has accused the UK Government of “choreography” with the DUP over the latest crisis at Stormont.

“We’ll be telling him [Boris Johnson] directly that the hold-up in the establishment of the Executive and the Assembly is unacceptable,” she told the BBC.

“Boris Johnson should know that the other parties, the vast, vast majority of us, don’t need a pep talk about getting back to work or getting back to business in government. It is in fact the DUP that is holding everyone else to ransom and that’s deeply unacceptable.

“We’ll also put it to Boris Johnson that there has been choreography between Downing Street and the DUP in this play of events. We strongly believe that the Prime Minister has given cover to Jeffrey Donaldson and his party from him and their antics of holding everything back, and we’ll be saying to him very clearly that he needs to stop.

“There is no reason why the Executive and the Assembly cannot and should not meet and should be working, and working hard on behalf of the people.”

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