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CHENNAI: Unvaccinated Covid-19 patients who present with comorbidities should be institutionalized for at least five days, regardless of symptoms, the health department said in its revised management protocol.
With them, pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients over 60 should be referred to Covid hospitals. All patients with a history of severe Covid or death should be in senior centers.
On Monday, the state updated the Covid-19 protocol based on recommendations from the Directorate of Medical Education, which administers all state government medical teaching hospitals. On December 30, the expert medical committee made suggestions for handling Covid-19 cases in the state amid the increase in cases. “The aim is to ensure that the right patient is in the right hospital at the right time. A policy will help us to triage patients and keep beds in senior centers reserved for critical patients,” the secretary said. Health J Radhakrishnan.
If the Covid-19 patient has a mild infection with minor or no symptoms, home isolation is advised. However, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly will be referred to Covid hospitals and those with a family history of severe Covid or death due to infection will be referred to higher care centers. Patients with co-morbidities who have not been vaccinated should be admitted to covid care centers for at least 5 days even if they do not show symptoms. If they have no comorbidities, they will be notified of the home isolation.
Patients with moderate illness (oxygen saturation between 90 and 93 and respiratory rate between 24 and 30 per min) should be admitted to a hospital with an oxygen service. The hospital should have separate rooms for patients and “suspected patients”. Hospitals will perform a battery of tests including a complete blood count, random blood sugar, CRP and chest x-ray in addition to monitoring blood sugar and plasma levels. Patients will be prescribed oxygen therapy with steroids, antibiotics, and other Covid-19 drugs. If complications – including increased blood sugar, decreased oxygen saturation – develop, patients should be referred to higher care centers.
Patients with serious illness (oxygen saturation less than 90 or respiratory rate greater than 30) should be admitted to university medical hospitals, hospitals dedicated to covid or health centers with oxygen supplementation for a dose in later charge. Once patients are stabilized, the hospital can send them to Covid health centers or care centers with oxygen facilities.
Patients can only leave senior care centers and CCCs when their oxygen saturation is maintained at 92% in ambient air for at least two days



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