Death of Man Who Received a Pig-Heart Transplant Remains a Mystery

Doctors can’t fully explain the death of the first recipient of a genetically modified pig heart, but they offered several theories in a new study—and said clinical trials of pig-to-human organ transplantation should begin despite the continuing mystery. David Bennett, a 57-year-old handyman from Hagerstown, Md., received the heart in an experimental operation in January … Read more

The White House Keeps Stoking Covid Fears

‘I’ve been a huge advocate of keeping schools fully open to in person education since October of 2020,” Ashish Jha, the White House’s Covid response coordinator, tweeted last week. “Still am.” So why is Dr. Jha engaged in scare-mongering about the danger of Covid to children? January 30 tweet, Dr. Jha asserted that Covid is … Read more

Daniel Enriquez Thrived Through a Changing New York. He Died in a Subway Shooting.

Daniel Enriquez moved back to New York against his parents’ wishes in 1996, when he was 22. Rupert Enriquez and Eustacia Leon Enriquezhad decided to leave Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 1980 after both were mugged at knifepoint and robbers broke into their apartment. They worried about their son when he moved back, but he told them … Read more

Doctors Worry Too Many Americans Missed Vital Cancer Screenings in the Pandemic

Cancer doctors are working to get more patients back into routine screenings, motivated by mounting evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic created a deficit in tests meant to catch the disease early and improve outcomes. The number of eligible women who reported undergoing a screening within the past year dropped by roughly 2.1 million for breast … Read more

Covid-19 Can Leave You Infectious After Five or Even 10 Days

Seeing that bright red line appear on an at-home Covid-19 test can feel inevitable during a surge like the one under way now. What can be surprising is how many days later that line keeps popping up. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends five days from first symptoms or diagnosis as a minimum … Read more

Uvalde Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering

UVALDE, Texas—Local residents voiced anger Thursday about the time it took to end the mass shooting at an elementary school here, as police laid out a fresh timeline that showed the gunman entered the building unobstructed after lingering outside for 12 minutes firing shots. Victor Escalon, a regional director for the Texas Department of Public … Read more

Smallpox Vaccine Enters Wider Production Amid Monkeypox Outbreak

Danish vaccine maker Bavarian Nordic A/S is making more of a smallpox vaccine typically stockpiled in case of biological warfare, as governments seek doses that also offer protection against monkeypox amid an unusual outbreak around the world. Monkeypox, a viral illness that is only rarely detected outside of Africa, has been reported in recent weeks … Read more

New York City Investigates Possible Monkeypox Case Amid Outbreak

Officials in New York City said they were monitoring a suspected case of monkeypox, as an outbreak of a disease rarely detected outside of Africa was confirmed in more countries. The patient in New York was receiving care at Bellevue Hospital, where city health officials said they had performed preliminary tests to confirm whether the … Read more

New York Developer Targets Top Executives Working Remotely

Giant developer Related Cos. is launching a new lodging brand that targets business executives who split time between their primary residence and a place near their office. While a number of developers, lodging companies and startup firms have focused on offerings for mobile freelance staffers or employees working remotely, the New York developer aims to … Read more

Judge Strikes Down California Law Mandating Women on Boards

A state judge struck down a California law requiring companies in the state to put female directors on their boards, the second legal setback in as many months for efforts to mandate board diversity. Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis of the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles ruled that the 2018 law was unconstitutional because it … Read more