People Are Calling Time On Boris Johnson (Again) After Tory By-Election Defeats: ‘He’s Toast’

In Tiverton and Homerton, voters chose Liberal Democrats to replace their previous Tory MP while in Wakefield a new Labor MP was elected. In the aftermath of the upset, Conservative Party chair Oliver Dowden resigned from government too, explaining that someone “must take responsibility” for the defeats. Yet, the prime minister remains defiant, blaming mid-term … Read more

Our Voice Can Show We’re Stressed (Even When We Don’t Know It)

Everyone deals with stressful moments in their lives. From experiencing work-burnout to dealing with strife in our relationships, we can’t avoid it. This stress can manifest itself in various ways. Classic symptoms include headaches, interrupted sleep, persistent tiredness and chest pains, but further signs include spots and other skin issues, jittery limbs and under eye … Read more

Yelp to shut offices in New York, Chicago, DC, saying future of work is remote

Yelp Inc. announced Thursday it will shut its offices in three major US cities, saying “the future of work at Yelp is remote.” In a blog post, Chief Executive Jeremy Stoppelman said online-review company will close its “most consistently underutilized offices” in New York, Chicago and Washington DC effective July 29. “Combined, the three offices … Read more

Black And South Asian Women Wait Two Months Longer To Land First Job

Black and South Asian women in the UK take at least two months longer than their white colleagues to secure their first job after leaving education, research from Totaljobs has revealed. After finishing education, it takes Black women, on average, 5.1 months to secure their first role, and South Asian women 4.9 months. This is … Read more

‘I Hope You Don’t Mind’ But Here’s Another Phrase You Might Want To Ditch

I.Hope. You. No. Mind. At best, the phrase is used to soften the blow of potentially unpopular news. At worst, you’re using it when you know you’re being a mega bitch in a half-assed attempt to acknowledge somebody else’s feelings, before cracking on nonetheless. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve eaten the last biscuit.” … Read more

Labor MP Argues Why We Should Worry About PM Not Hiring A New Ethics Adviser

Labour’s Thangam Debbonaire wasted no time in tearing into Boris Johnson over reports that he might not hire a new ethics chief on BBC Question Time. Her robust attack came after Lord Geidt suddenly quit earlier this week. It was revealed in his resignation letter that he believed the prime minister had made a “mockery” … Read more

Priti Patel And Yvette Cooper In Furious Commons Clash Over Blocked Rwanda Flight

Labor has accused Priti Patel of presiding over a “shambles” that is “putting the UK to shame” after a flight carrying asylum seekers to Rwanda was canceled at the last minute. In a tense Commons showdown, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper hit out the at policy after the first flight to the east African country … Read more

March For Our Lives takes on edge and urgency

by Mark GruenbergPAI Staff Writer ​This time, at least at the lead rally in DC, the renewed March for our Lives—the gun control movement students started four years ago—had an added edge and urgency. The DC rally on June 11 drew almost 30,000 people, but it wasn’t the only one. More than 300 companion marches … Read more

Why You Should Assert Your Boundaries As Soon As You Start A New Job

You’re reading Life-Work Balance, a series aiming to redirect our total devotion to work into prioritizing our personal lives. When you first begin in a new work place, it’s tempting to go above and beyond – starting early, leaving late, being available, taking shorter lunch breaks. After all, you want to prove that you’re a … Read more

Creative thinker designed a classic Toronto Red Rocket streetcar

Claude Gidman died on April 21 of natural causes.Courtesy of the Family Claude Gidman, a designer whose work shaped items as ubiquitous as the streetcar used in Toronto for decades, a Brita water-filter jug ​​and the garbage can for a fast-food chain, has died. He was 87. According to his family, he died on April … Read more