COVID vaccine saved 20 million lives in first year: report

The coronavirus pandemic could have been much worse without vaccines, according to a new study that claims the number of deaths recorded worldwide from the coronavirus would be more than triple than it is today. In the year after the vaccine was first introduced in December 2020, more than 4.3 billion people received an inoculation, … Read more

An Ancient Killer Is Rapidly Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics, Scientists Warn

Typhoid fever might be rare in developed countries, but this ancient threat, thought to have been around for millennia, is still very much a danger in our modern world. According to new research, the bacterium that causes typhoid fever is evolving extensive drug resistance, and it’s rapidly replacing strains that aren’t resistant. Currently, antibiotics are … Read more

Airport chaos could get worse as Ottawa removes vaccine mandates

OTTAWA—The federal Liberal government is dropping vaccine mandates for federal and federally-regulated employees, as well as for air travelers boarding plans for domestic or international travel. The move takes effect Monday, June 20 and also drops mandates for rail travel. Vaccination mandates remain in place for cruise ships however, said Transport Minister Omar Alghabra. Passengers … Read more

Liberal MP apologizes for coarse language on Instagram

OTTAWA — Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden has issued a mea culpa after it surfaced on social media that he swore at a woman on Instagram who contacted him about her opposition to COVID-19 vaccination mandates. “Last week, I let my emotions get the better of me and I responded in an unacceptable way to … Read more

Breakthrough vaccine could help cure pancreatic cancer

A new vaccine using the same mRNA technology as the Pfizer jab against COVID-19 could be a breakthrough in the fight against pancreatic cancer. In a promising early study conducted by German company BioNTech — which partnered with Pfizer to develop the lifesaving COVID shot — half of the patients remained cancer-free 18 months after … Read more

We Can’t Keep Getting The Same Formula in COVID-19 Booster Shots, Says Immunologist

Being up to date on COVID-19 vaccines means having had three or four doses of the same shot at this point. Current boosters are the same formulations as the first authorized shots, based on the original strain of the coronavirus that emerged in late 2019. They do still protect against severe COVID-19, hospitalizations and deaths. … Read more

New COVID Antibody Testing Device Could Usher Mass Screening for Immunity

The uptick in COVID cases these days is driven by a lot of different factors—in great part the emergence of highly contagious variants like omicron and a drop in masking and social distancing rules, but also an overall waning in immunity for those who are vaccinated, which is no surprise. Antibodies, whether prompted by infection … Read more

Tory MP who opposes COVID-19 vaccination rules is escorted off Parliament Hill

OTTAWA — A Conservative MP who hadn’t been inside the Parliament buildings since a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for MPs was imposed last year decided to challenge that rule this week — and has now been escorted off the property. Cathay Wagantall had claimed to have a medical reason she couldn’t be vaccinated against COVID-19 when … Read more

AstraZeneca vaccine may increase risk of serious neurological condition

The AstraZeneca vaccine may increase the risk of the serious neurological condition Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) with the jab’s Trojan horse delivery system possibly to blame, scientists believe, in a discovery which may apply to similar vaccines. GBS is a rare condition which causes muscle numbness and pain, and can hinder movement, walking, swallowing and, sometimes, … Read more

WHO calls for global audit of smallpox, monkeypox jabs and fair access – POLITICO

The World Health Organization has urged countries that have stockpiled doses of smallpox and monkeypox vaccines and treatments to engage in talks to fairly distribute the doses where they are now most needed. Several countries have built up their own emergency supplies of vaccines to protect against possible future smallpox outbreaks. Smallpox, a virus in … Read more