This Pro-Choice Priest Shared Her Abortion Story To Prove A Powerful Point

A Christian priest has shared her own abortion story to make a powerful point, as the Roe Vs Wade debate continues in the US. On Monday, a controversial leaked draft document – ​​published by the news site Politico – appeared to suggest the majority of US Supreme Court justices would vote to overturn Roe Vs … Read more

Abortion Rights: What Is Roe V Wade And Why Does It Matter?

Leaked documents caused an international uproar on Monday night, as they suggested the Supreme Court plans to remove the national law protecting the right to have an abortion in the US. The landmark ruling, known as the Roe vs. Wade case, was first established in 1973 and legalized abortion for the whole country. If the … Read more

Ukrainians shoot down Russian ‘kamikaze’ drone

A Russian drone that claims to have the ability to identify targets using artificial intelligence, has been shot drowned by Ukraine troops

New York City’s Central Park to ‘Lab’ to Study Climate Change | US News®

By Christine Kiernan and Aleksandra Michalska NEW YORK (Reuters) – Central Park, New York City’s 843-acre green lung created in 1858, is now a climate change laboratory that researchers hope will help parks nationwide become more resilient. The Central Park Climate Lab team wants to use data from satellites and on the ground to study … Read more

Ken Burns Explores How Benjamin Franklin Is Key To Understanding Today’s Turmoil – MSNBC

Ken Burns Explores How Benjamin Franklin Is Key To Understanding Today’s TurmoilMSNBC Meet the most famous American of the 18th centuryThe Boston Globe Ken Burns Talks New Benjamin Franklin DocumentaryTODAY Filmmaker Ken Burns on Lessons in Innovation and Daily Benjamin Franklin Series PREVIEWArizona Public Media

Boris Johnson ‘Fears For The Security Of Europe’ As Tensions Grow Over Potential Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Boris Johnson “fears for the security of Europe” as tensions mount over a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine and British people were urged to leave the country. The UK prime minister voiced his concern during a call with Western leaders – including US president Joe Biden – as the Foreign Office updated its advice on … Read more