Russians advance on war’s front line in eastern Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine– The Russian military extended its grip on territory in eastern Ukraine as it seeks to cut supply lines and encircle frontline Ukrainian forces, while the Ukrainian military announced Thursday the arrival of powerful US multiple-launch rocket systems it hopes will offer a battlefield advantage. Ukrainian forces withdrew from some areas near the city … Read more

European Union executive: Make Ukraine a member candidate

BRUSSELS — The European Union’s executive arm on Friday recommended making Ukraine a candidate for EU membership, a morale booster and a first step on what is expected to be a long road for the war-torn country to join the 27-nation bloc. If Ukrainians were under any illusion that the European Commission’s positive assessment would … Read more

Boris Johnson Told To ‘Act Quickly’ To Help Hundreds Of Ukrainian Teenagers

Boris Johnson has been urged to “act quickly” amid claims that hundreds of Ukrainian teenagers have not yet received visas for the UK. Lord Dubs, who was brought to Britain from Czechoslovakia on one of the Kindertransport trains in 1939, has outlined a number of “desperate” cases. He has written to Boris Johnson alongside Labor … Read more

Russia’s economic forum to be far smaller but moves forward

MOSCOW — Organizers of Russia’s showpiece investment gathering are telling foreign participants to be sure to bring cash — not necessarily for making investments, but for spending money. With Russia under wide sanctions after sending troops into Ukraine, most foreign bank cards don’t work in the country. The advice for those at the St. Petersburg … Read more

Japan vows bigger security role in region to tackle threats

SINGAPORE — Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced plans on Friday to boost his country’s diplomatic and security role in the Asia Pacific to tackle what he described as growing threats in the region amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Kishida said Japan will consider acquiring a preemptive strike capability in response to an increasingly assertive … Read more

Zimbabweans count their toes as inflation soars above 130%

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Battling rampant inflation, Zimbabweans are counting their toes as they struggle to buy food for their families. An internet rumor blazed through the country that desperate people were selling their toes for cash. The false report became so widespread that the country’s Deputy Minister of Information Kindness Paradza visited street vendors in … Read more

Captured Britons sentenced to death by Russia after ‘show trial’

Two British volunteers have been sentenced to death by firing squad for fighting in Ukraine after a “sham” trial that found them guilty of “monstrous” crimes. Two British volunteer fighters have been sentenced to death for defending Ukraine after a “sham” trial by a pro-Russian court found them guilty of “monstrous” crimes. Aiden Aslin and … Read more

Putin warns West against sending arms; Kyiv hit by missiles

KYIV, Ukraine– Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new warning to the West against sending longer-range rocket systems to Ukraine came as his forces claimed to have destroyed Western military supplies in their first such airstrikes on Ukraine’s capital in more than a month. The attack showed that Russia still had the capability and willingness to hit … Read more

German lawmakers expected to approve huge fund for military

BERLIN — German lawmakers are expected to approve Friday a 100 billion-euro ($107 billion) special fund to strengthen the country’s military, preparing the way for a massive procurement drive three months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine jolted the government into action. The fund is expected to win broad support in the parliament’s lower house after … Read more