Best cities around the world to take a working vacation

Americans don’t need a passport to get to the No. 1 global city to take a working vacation. Kansas City, Missouri, was named the best city in the world to work during the day and explore after hours without having to use too much of your PTO time, according to a recent analysis from Icelandair. … Read more

What to do if the rail strike means you can’t get to the airport for your holiday

Further National rail strikes scheduled for this weekend are expected to cause major problems for anyone who has to travel in the UK. We have highlighted the biggest problem areas and done our best to answer the key questions and provide a few solutions. What happens if I’m struggling to get to the airport? The … Read more

Migrant caravan in south Mexico demands corridor to border

TAPACHULA, Mexico — An estimated 2,000 migrants walked out of this southern Mexico city Friday, saying they are not interested in visas and permits the government has issued in efforts to dissolve other caravans and calling instead for buses to the US border. The latest group comes just two weeks after an even larger one … Read more

Passport workers warned Ottawa that a crush was coming

As the government implements measures at some Service Canada locations to ease the massive backlogs for passport applications, unions representing federal workers say Ottawa has ignored their suggestions for reducing the delays. Social Development Minister Karina Gould said in a statement Thursday she remains “deeply concerned” with the delivery of passport services, and said specialized … Read more

World’s largest hybrid ship to ferry passengers between UK, France

An artist’s impression of the Saint-Malo at sea. According to Brittany Ferries will have a battery capacity of 11.5 megawatt hours. Brittany Ferries A ship set to carry passengers between the UK and France in the next few years will be the largest hybrid-vessel ever built, according to operator Brittany Ferries. In a statement Tuesday, … Read more

Thousands Of Flights Cancelled, Buttigieg Privately Urges Airline CEOs To Improve – CBS Tampa

WASHINGTON, DC. (CW44 News At 10 | CNN) — Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, has urged airline executives in a private conversation on Thursday to review their flight schedules and take other steps to soften the impact of summer flight cancellations, according to a source familiar with the call. The source said Buttigieg asked CEOs … Read more

Ecuador rejects Indigenous protesters’ dialogue conditions

Quito, Ecuador — Violent protests by Indigenous people demanding a variety of changes, including lower fuel prices, have paralyzed Ecuador’s capital and other regions, but the government on Wednesday rejected their conditions for dialogue. Quito, the capital, is experiencing food and fuel shortages after 10 days of demonstrations in which protesters at times have clashed … Read more

Is It Okay To Pee In The Sea? Doctors Say Yes, Ecologists Say No

British tourists could face a hefty fine if they’re caught urinating in the sea off the Spanish coast. Vigo, a city in the Galicia region, has said that anyone found urinating in the sea or on the beach will be forced to a £645 penalty. Public urination has been branded a “minor infraction” and “an … Read more

The most romantic hotels in the UK

Romance is elusive. It always involves two people but it can be found in myriad different ways, from the clichéd to the unexpected. When it comes to hotels, it’s not simply Champagne on ice and rose petals on the bed that hold the key to finding romance; it’s an amalgam of elements – the cloud-like … Read more

Best restaurants in Dubrovnik | TelegraphTravel

Kamenica This informal, family-run eatery serves generous platters of girice (small fried fish, similar to whitebait), pržene lignje (fried squid) and miješena salata (mixed salad) at outdoor tables on the square overlooking the open-air market. If you want a dessert there’s no choice, just one standard dish, rožata, a Dubrovnik specialty similar to crème caramel. … Read more