A ‘little jewel box in the woods’ in the Gatineau Hills

It all came down to a teenager’s loft bedroom. Called a “deal breaker for Madeleine” by her mother Anne Maheux, the second-storey space was a major feature in the design of the artistic family of three’s secluded forest retreat. As architect Paul duBellet Kariouk recalls, “what to do about the loft was a big question. … Read more

It’s sake time: Five places to enjoy some!

Food writer Nancy Matsumoto’s fascination with sake began a decade ago when she was writing about sake culture in New York City. “Sake is the 2,000-year-old ancient beverage of Japan, made by fermenting rice with water, yeast and a fungus called koji kin,” she explains. “People don’t realize how good craft sake is today, and … Read more

Toronto couple’s iconic Eames lounge chair has traveled the world with them

Aleksandra Phelan calls it “probably the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in.” It’s an Eames lounge chair, designed to mimic “the warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt,” according to Charles Eames, who created the seat of molded plywood and leather with his wife Ray. Launched in 1956, the iconic chair and … Read more

Find Toronto’s scariest reads at Trinity Bellwoods’s newest boookstore

While other kids were reading children’s books, Chris Krawczyk was already devouring adult horror novels. It all started with a gift of Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood” series — and Chris’s descent into darkness was complete. “My friend’s advice to me was, ‘Keep the strange and unusual close to your heart; they make life worth … Read more

Tips on stretching your food budget as grocery costs soar

In the span of two weeks I saw the price of lotus root go from $5 a pound to $7. To which my dad scoffed. When Grandma was still alive you couldn’t convince her to pay more than $2 for it, he said. The costs of groceries have gone up for everyone, while supermarkets are … Read more

This Toronto sommelier wants us to rethinking wine pairings

Toronto-based sommelier Beverly Crandon is on a mission. For the last decade, she’s been looking to find a wine to go with every cuisine in the city — from Trinbagonian to Thai — making the case that existing rules on food and wine pairings aren’t reflective of the people who eat, drink and cook in … Read more

Rethinking the ‘mom doesn’t do measurements’ recipe trope

It’s the third time my mom’s overseeing my attempt at making some iteration of Grandma’s braised pork belly and lotus root. First and second generation immigrant kids can probably guess what the initial process of getting the recipe from mom was like. It’s become a trope at this point, repeated in cookbooks written by chefs … Read more

Grocery shopping with mom and dad is like a sport

For as long as I can remember grocery shopping with my parents has never been about the “one stop shop” approach. Unlike me — where I generally lean on the side of convenience and go to one place to get everything I need — they spend an entire weekend morning or afternoon traversing between three … Read more

Ottawa in bloom: The Canadian Tulip Festival celebrates its 70th anniversary with nearly one million bulbs and a slate of new activities

This spring, close to one million tulip bulbs will cover Ottawa in a sea of ​​red, yellow, orange, pink, purple and white. The Canadian Tulip Festival (May 13 to 23) will be marking its 70th anniversary, and this year’s celebration includes extended hours, new activities, and unique exhibits commemorating the special relationship that first inspired … Read more

I owe so much to Toronto’s mainstay Chinese restaurants

Every time I walk into Swatow — a Chinatown mainstay on Spadina Avenue — one of the owners greets me with a huge smile. “Welcome back!” he says to me in Cantonese, looking behind me. “But where’s your mom?” That friendly face, Guang Bai, also known to many as the man with the photogenic memory, … Read more