Star Trek The Motion Picture Director’s Cut Remastered Trailer

picture: paramount way back in 2001, star trek fans were delighted to receive a director’s cut of Star Trek: The Motion Pictures, with enhanced visual effects, on DVD. For a film that director Robert Wise originally felt was rushed to theaters—and definitely had incomplete visual effects—the remasters version of the movie was a godsend. Now, … Read more

RIP Douglas Trumbull, visual effects pioneer behind 2001

Douglas Trumbullphoto: Stephen Shugerman (Getty Images) Douglas Trumbull, the visual effect pioneer behind some of the most groundbreaking work in motion picture history, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, bladerunnerand Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, has died from complications with mesothelioma. His daughter of him, Amy, confirmed his death of him on facebook earlier today, … Read more