We must ignore the defeatist voices who propose to sell out Ukraine

Every weapon delivered will help the people of Ukraine repel Russian forces, retake cities currently under fire like Severodonetsk and those controlled by Russia like Kherson. Every sanction will help starve Putin’s war machine of funding and save more innocent civilians from further barbarism. The Ukrainian people are fighting fearlessly for their homeland. They can … Read more

Gay Pride’s ban on cops finally gets backlash it deserves

Last year, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in police custody, far-left Pride organizations shut uniformed cops out of LGBT Pride marches in cities across America. In New York and San Francisco, LGBT officers were permitted to participate in the city’s Pride parades, but banned from wearing their uniforms. The same was true in … Read more

Across Asia and the Pacific, Digitalization of Rural Communities is Leading the Way to a Better Future But the Goal is to Leave No One Behind

Credit: FAO Opinion by Jong-Jin Kim (bangkok) Friday, June 24, 2022 Inter Press Service BANGKOK, Jun 24 (IPS) – Jong-Jin Kim is Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) It wasn’t that long ago that Internet connectivity faded the moment one left a populated area like a city … Read more

US Supreme Court has ‘repeatedly held’ the right to bear arms ‘belongs to all Americans’

Conservative author and lawyer Ann Coulter says the US Supreme Court striking down a New York law that would have restricted people carrying guns in public “wasn’t a shock to anyone”. “Everyone knew the court was going to come out this way,” Ms Coulter told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan. “The court has repeatedly … Read more

Joe Biden ‘needs to be stage managed’ for every public appearance

Sky News host Chris Kenny says US President Joe Biden once again displayed “just how feeble and uncertain he is”. Mr Kenny said the president was given a cue card by White House staffers to direct him during an event and he “needs to be stage managed” every time he is out in public. “Yep, … Read more

A ‘reining in spending’ is ‘welcome’: Hollie Hughes

Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes says it’s “absolutely” encouraging to see Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wants to curtail spending. “We have seen record spending through the pandemic and a lot of that was focused on keeping people connected to their businesses, keeping them connected to their workplace,” she told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “I do … Read more

Inside the Eye of the Hurricane of Hunger—Global Issues

Opinion by Danielle Nierenberg (new orleans) Friday, June 24, 2022 Inter Press Service NEW ORLEANS, Jun 24 (IPS) – When I first met Dr. Roland Bunch, I have to be honest—he scared me. As one of the most well-respected leaders on agronomy and resilient land management, he offers extremely prescient predictions on how famines take … Read more

Why Aren’t More Women Angry? —Global Issues

Source: World Economic Forum. Opinion by Joseph Chamie (portland usa) Thursday, June 23, 2022 Inter Press Service PORTLAND, USA, June 23 (IPS) – Why aren’t more women angry about their subordination, discrimination, and unequal treatment in the 21st century? of course, some of the world’s women are angry, but they are comparatively few. Women represent … Read more

‘Republicanism in the air’ in Australia

Sky News host Piers Morgan says there is some “republicanism in the air” in Australia but the country is “way away” from wanting to severe its link with the Commonwealth. He said many of the reasons for staying in the Commonwealth are “pegged to the Queen”. “Tremendous respect for this unique world figure,” Mr Morgan … Read more

Richard Marles is the ‘backdoor’ to Beijing

Sky News host Paul Murray says despite Australia having a “backdoor to Beijing” with Defense Minister Richard Marles there is still “no change” on trade sanctions. “So what exactly was all that nonsense for the past couple of years that somehow it was the Australian government that was playing it wrong?” he said. “New broom, … Read more