​Iran and EU agree to restart nuclear deal talks on Borrell visit | Nuclear Energy News

Indirect talks between Iran and the US are set to resume after the EU foreign policy chief visits Tehran to resolve the impasse. Tehran, Iran- Iran and the European Union have agreed during a visit by the bloc’s foreign policy chief to resume nuclear talks with the United States that have stalled since March. Iranian … Read more

Kim, N Korea military approve plans to strengthen ‘war deterrence’ | Nuclear Weapons News

Analysts say North Korean announcements could indicate plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to frontlines. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered a strengthening of the country’s defense capabilities at a key meeting where top military officials adopted an “important” action plan for frontline troops. The decisions, reported by state media on Friday, have … Read more

Iran’s Raisi pushes regional diplomacy as nuclear tensions rise | Nuclear Energy News

Tehran, Iran- The administration of President Ebrahim Raisi in Iran is continuing its push for regional diplomacy as tensions with the West over its nuclear program continue to build up. The conservative president came to power in August 2021 with the promise of “extending a hand of friendship and brotherhood” to other nations, with a … Read more

Nuclear-armed nations spent $82.4bn on weapons in 2021 | Nuclear Weapons News

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons accuses nuclear-armed nations of ‘obscene’ spending and notes extensive industry lobbying. The world’s nine nuclear-armed countries spent $82.4bn upgrading their atomic weaponry in 2021, eight percent more than the year before, a campaign group has said. The biggest spender was the United States, which accounted for more than half … Read more

Blinken: US prepared to make adjustments to military posture in response to North Korea

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images Washington CNN — The Biden administration is “prepared to make both short and longer-term adjustments to our military posture” to respond to provocations from North Korea, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday. Blinken’s comments, made alongside his South Korean counterpart at a news conference at the State Department, come as North … Read more

World’s nuclear arsenals on the rise as concerns grow over China and North Korea

CNN — The world’s biggest powers might have once pledged to work toward a world without nuclear weapons, but global stockpiles are expected to rise over the coming decade, according to a new report. “There are clear indications that the reductions that have characterized global nuclear arsenals since the end of the cold war have … Read more

‘Global nuclear arsenal to grow for the first time since Cold War’

STOCKHOLM: The number of nuclear weapons in the world is set to rise in the coming decade after 35 years of decline as global tensions flare amid Russia’s war in Ukraine, researchers said Monday. The nine nuclear powers — Britain, China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, the United States and Russia — had 12,705 … Read more

‘Worrying trend’: Post-Cold War drop in nukes could be over

A Swedish arms watchdog says the world’s stockpiles of nuclear weapons are expected to increase in coming years after declining since the end of the Cold War

Seoul to ‘dramatically’ boost defense amid fears over North Korea’s nuclear plans

CNN — South Korea will “dramatically” strengthen its defensive capabilities, its defense minister said Sunday amid international concern that Pyongyang is reviving its nuclear testing program. “Our government will strengthen capabilities to better implement the US extended deterrence and will dramatically enhance response capabilities of the Republic of Korea military to deter North Korea’s nuclear … Read more

Kim Jong Un Rallies Behind North Korea’s Weapons Buildup

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un doubled down on his arms buildup in the face of what he described as an aggravating security environment while outside governments monitor signs of a possibly imminent North Korean nuclear test explosion. Kim’s comments during a major three-day political conference that wrapped up Friday … Read more