Affordability, Good Cause Eviction, and the Costs of the Housing Ecosystem

Housing (photo: Edwin J. Torres/Mayor’s Office) No matter who you are, these past two years have been difficult for New Yorkers across the state. The COVID-19 pandemic was not only a health crisis where we lost tens of thousands of our loved ones, but also an affordability crisis. Too many of our neighbors lost jobs, … Read more

Trump loses appeal, must testify in New York civil probe

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump must answer questions under oath in the New York attorney general’s civil investigation into his business practices, a state appeals court ruled Thursday, rejecting his argument that he be excused from testifying because his answers could be used in a parallel criminal probe. A four-judge panel in … Read more

What is Amber Heard’s net worth? How Johnny Depp trial will impact his finances

Amber Heard’s career was just taking off when she and Johnny Depp’s multimillion-dollar court case began, now its financial impact could destroy her. It wouldn’t be too far off to say many people hadn’t seen or heard of Amber Heard until she divorced Johnny Depp. Some Australians would’ve heard of the actor and model for … Read more

Goodbye NYC; Estimates show big city losses, Sunbelt gains

Ko Im always thought she would live in New York forever. She knew every corner of Manhattan and had worked hard to build a community of friends. Living in a small apartment, she found her attitude shifting early in the pandemic. After her brother de ella accepted a job in Seattle in the summer of … Read more

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial: Inside his volatile Kate Moss relationship

Kate Moss is due to testify for Johnny Depp this week and open the lid on their wild, debauched and sometimes raucous relationship. Kate Moss has never had a problem talking about Johnny Depp. In the mid-1990s, the supermodel was asked by a British morning TV host about how romantic her then-boyfriend was — and … Read more

Doc Who Caught Monkeypox Says He Got ‘Nasty’ Blisters – Inside Edition

Doc Who Caught Monkeypox Says He Got ‘Nasty’ BlistersInside Edition A Wisconsin veterinarian who survived the 2003 monkeypox wave says the new outbreak isn’t comparable to COVID-19yahoonews Monkeypox survivor says new outbreak isn’t comparable to COVID-19Insider I survived the last US monkeypox outbreak – the warning symptoms to look out for and how to protect … Read more