Warning as mysterious STI strikes up to 1 in 16 women often with no warning signs

Experts are warning women of a stealthy STI that is often missed but strikes one in 16 in some parts of the United Kingdom. Trichomoniasis is more common than the well-known STI gonorrhea, experts found. But not only is it relatively unheard of, it is not always included in standard STI “checkups” at sexual health … Read more

Families of Americans who died at Bahamas resort demand second autopsy

The families of the three Americans who mysteriously died at a luxury Sandals resort in the Bahamas earlier this month are demanding a second, independent autopsy in addition to the one performed by a Bahamian pathologist. Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Michael Darville confirmed the families’ request in an interview with Eyewitness News and … Read more