Some Cancer Patients May Not Need Treatments after Surgery

After surgery, some cancer patients can safely avoid treatments such as radiation or chemotherapysay two recent studies that explore shorter, gentler cancer care. Researchers are looking for ways to predict which cancer patients can avoid unneeded treatment to cut down on costs and bad side effects. One new study used a blood test to study … Read more

Mutated COVID-19 Version Spreading Across US

Medical experts say the most domineering form of COVID-19 currently spreading in the United States appears to spread faster than earlier variants, or versions. In addition, it might be better at escaping immunity and could cause more serious disease. Scientists say the “subvariant” now spreading is a mutation genetically linked to both the Omicron and … Read more

Climate Change Likely to Increase Virus Spread in Animals

A new study predicts that climate change will cause thousands of new viruses to spread among many kinds of animals by 2070. The researchers say such spread will likely increase the risk of new diseases that pass from animals to humans. The research covered about 3,000 kinds of mammals, animals including cats, bats, whales, and … Read more

Is COVID-19 Behind an Increase in Diabetes Cases?

Scientists are investigating a possible increase in diabetes cases since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot control sugars in the blood. The scientists want to find out if COVID-19 has a connection with the increase or if it is a coincidence. Increase in diabetes A report … Read more

Omicron Version of COVID-19 Found in New York City Deer

American researchers say they tested a group of deer in New York City and found that some of them were infected with the Omicron version of COVID-19. The highly infectious version, or variant, was identified in the white-tailed deer population on the city’s Staten Island. The Omicron variant was found in seven of the 68 … Read more