Russians try to block city, cement gains in eastern Ukraine

Russian forces are trying to cut off the strategic city of Lysychansk in eastern Ukraine, the Luhansk regional governor said Saturday, after the relentless assault on nearby Sievierodonetsk forced Ukrainian troops to begin withdrawing. Russia also launched missile attacks on areas far from the heart of the eastern battles. Serhiy Haidai, governor of Luhansk province, … Read more

European mayors duped into calls with fake Kyiv mayor

BERLIN — The mayor of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv warned Saturday that an imposter is posing as him and communicating with other officials, including three European mayors who were duped into believing they were having a video call with the real Vitali Klitschko. “Several mayors in Europe have been contacted by a fake mayor … Read more

Russia pushes to block 2nd city in eastern Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine– Russian forces are trying to block a city in eastern Ukraine, the region’s governor said Saturday, after their relentless assault on a nearby city forced Ukrainian troops to begin withdrawal after weeks of intense fighting. Russia also launched missile attacks on areas far from the heart of the eastern battles. Serhiy Haidai, governor … Read more

Ukraine forces ordered to withdraw from key battleground city

KYIV: Ukrainian forces have been ordered to withdraw from the key battleground city of Sievierodonetsk after weeks of fierce street fighting, in order to limit more casualties and regroup, but the move will be seen by Russia as a significant victory. Ukraine officials said there was very little left to defend in the bombed-out eastern … Read more

European Parliament APPROVES Ukraine EU candidacy… but it could be DECADES before the country joins

The European Parliament has approved Ukraine’s bid to join the EU in a vote backed by an overwhelming majority of MEPs. Leaders of the member states will gather in Brussels later today to discuss calls to formally grant Ukraine ‘candidate status’ to join the bloc, as Russian forces slowly advance in the eastern Donbas region. … Read more

Ukraine: Why do world leaders take the night train to Kyiv? | Europe | News and current affairs from around the continent | D.W.

On Tuesday, March 15, 2022, the war in Ukraine had already been raging for three weeks. Russian troops had approached to within a few kilometers of the capital Kyiv, trying to break through its defenses from the north and west. The city had been rocked by heavy shelling in the morning and was at risk … Read more

As Russia presses assault, Ukraine given possible path to EU

KYIV, Ukraine– The executive arm of the European Union recommended Friday that Ukraine be granted candidate status to one day join the 27-nation bloc. The promise of membership in a union created to safeguard peace on the continent holds deep symbolism for the nation at war. But it is only the first step in a … Read more

European Union executive: Make Ukraine a member candidate

BRUSSELS — The European Union’s executive arm on Friday recommended making Ukraine a candidate for EU membership, a morale booster and a first step on what is expected to be a long road for the war-torn country to join the 27-nation bloc. If Ukrainians were under any illusion that the European Commission’s positive assessment would … Read more

EU leaders back Ukraine membership bid in trip to war-torn Kyiv

The European Union’s most powerful leaders on Thursday embraced Ukraine’s bid to be accepted as a candidate for EU membership, in a powerful symbol of support in Kyiv’s battle against Russia’s invasion. The European Commission will meet Friday to give its official opinion on Ukraine’s formal bid for EU candidacy, which must be approved by … Read more

Russia plans evacuations from chemical plant in battleground Ukraine city

LYSYCHANSK: Russia said it would establish a humanitarian corridor to evacuate civilians from a chemical plant in Severodonetsk starting Wednesday as Ukrainian forces wage a desperate battle for control of the city. The industrial hub is under intense bombardment as Russia focuses its offensive on the eastern Donbas region in an effort to seize a … Read more