US Hiring Likely Kept Up Strong Streak in April Despite Inflation – NBC Chicago

For the past year, America’s job market has run like a well-engineered machine, adding an impressive average of 540,000 workers a month despite a punishing inflation rate, Russia’s ruinous war against Ukraine, a still-risky pandemic, jittery financial markets and the prospect of much higher borrowing costs. Hiring gains have topped 400,000 every month since May … Read more

Another Solid Month of US Hiring Expected From March Despite Obstacles – NBC Chicago

Defying a pandemic and supply chain disruptions, the US economy has cranked out more than 400,000 jobs every month for nearly a year — a blazing winning streak in wildly uncertain times. And despite surging inflation, the hiring wave likely continued last month in the face of yet another jolt: Russia’s war in Ukraine, which … Read more