Fill up Saturday before prices rise: gas expert

The average price for gas in Ontario on Saturday is 198.9 cents per liter, down from Friday’s average of 199.7. The price is higher than last month’s average of 198.5 and last year’s average of 130.8 per litre, according to the CAA. Ontario drivers continue to see eye-watering prices at the pumps as record-breaking gas … Read more

Canada must up incentives, charging capacity to meet EV goals: industry groups – National

Canadian governments must up incentives and increase the amount of charging infrastructure in the country to meet Ottawa’s electric vehicle (EV) goals, industry groups say. The federal government has pledged to mandate at least 20 per cent of new passenger vehicles sold in Canada to be zero-emission vehicles by 2026. That will increase to at … Read more

Almost half of Canadians report being worse off financially this year: Angus Reid survey

As food and housing costs shoot higher, many Canadians are challenged to make ends meet, new research shows. Nearly half of Canadians said they are struggling to afford household grocery bills and 45 per cent said they are more financially challenged than last year, according to new research from the Angus Reid Institute. One in … Read more

Stocks jump, with Wall Street on track for rare winning week

Stocks are continuing to climb after a rally Thursday on Wall Street, with US financial markets on track for their first weekly gain after three weeks of punishing losses. The S&P 500 was up 86 points to 3,882, or 2.3%, as of 11:10 Eastern time, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 627 points, or … Read more

EU leaders tackle inflation, energy shocks from Russia’s war

BRUSSELS — A day after endorsing Ukraine’s candidacy to join the European Union, the bloc’s leaders turned their attention Friday to the severe economic turbulence looming over the coming months as the full impact of Russia’s war sinks in and the threat of recession rises. The EU’s 27 leaders gathered in Brussels to grapple with … Read more

What Does Inflation Have To Do With Rail Workers’ Salaries?

The stalemate between railway employers and workers continues this week, with neither side willing to give in over their idea of ​​how many people should be paid. One of the primary arguments against increasing wages for striking rail workers is that it will lead to inflation, which is already at a 40-year high. But will … Read more

Strikes cripple UK railways for second day as unions warn of more to come

Issued on: 06/23/2022 – 11:48Modified: 06/23/2022 – 11:51 Strikes crippled Britain’s rail network on Thursday as union bosses, train operating firms and the government faced off over demands that workers’ pay increases keep pace with surging inflation. A spike in the cost of food and fuel is pushing many household budgets to the brink and … Read more

Watch: Powell Says Recession Possible With Increased Interest Rates

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that interest rates would continue to rise until the central bank sees clear proof that inflation is slowing, but conceded that elevated rates could lead to a recession. Photo: Elizabeth Frants/Reuters

Here are 10 inflation-proof meals that cost under $10 in Toronto

dpInflation is out of control. On Wednesday, Statistics Canada reported that Canada’s annual inflation rate jumped to 7.7 per cent in May, the fastest pace of rising consumer prices in nearly four decades. Food costs at restaurants grew 6.8 per cent in May, while grocery prices also increased to 9.7 per cent. It’s hard to … Read more

Give back pension rise cash if you don’t need it, suggests Therese Coffey

B.ritons should give back cash from next year’s pension rise if they do not believe they need it, Therese Coffey has suggested. The Treasury confirmed on Tuesday the pension “triple lock” will be reinstated after it was paused during the pandemic, taking retirees’ annual payout beyond £10,000 for the first time as the state pension … Read more