Ezra Miller accused of housing 3 kids on farm filled with guns and weed

Ezra Millerphoto: john phillips (Getty Images) Another week, another story of odd, alarming behavior surrounding Flash star Ezra Miller. Today, rolling stone reports that Miller has been accused of housing three young children and their mother on a farm they own Yon Vermont, which unnamed sources have alleged is filled with pot and unattended firearms. … Read more

DC Comics Give New Look at Black Adam’s Justice Society

screenshot: Warner Bros. The Muppets Mayhem expands its cast. To the surprise of no one, more of TheBoys is on the way. Get a look at the Papergirls TV shows. Plus, what’s coming on Eviland an old enemy returns as Thawne makes his way back to Flash. To me, my spoilers! Black Adam Four variant … Read more

Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. II Gets a New Teaser Trailer

picture: Netflix I know a grand total of three people care about dragon ball in this day and age, but we’ve got a new trailer and it looks wonderfully bonkers. Alas, the voyage of Avenue 5 seems to be coming to an end. Riverdale continue to Riverdale the hell out of itself. Now look alive, … Read more

Season 3, episode 1 “forgiving jeff”

Bill Hader in Barryphoto: Merrick Morton/HBO “Forgiveness is something that has to be earned.” Over two seasons of Barrywe haven’t really turned to NoHo Hank for moral guidance (politeness may be a virtue, but dude’s a mobster). And yet, there’s the Chechen dandy, speaking truth in the first episode of the third season. Clearly, the … Read more

BC film industry could be shut down by strike

VANCOUVER—British Columbia’s massive film industry is facing the prospect of a strike as members of a labor organization representing 1,700 workers, employed on some of the most beloved productions on screen, started a strike vote Wednesday largely due to wage issues. It’s the first ever such vote for the Directors Guild of Canada’s BC district … Read more