With Russia excluded, Ukraine wins the political contest

Italy will host the final of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday evening with one country notably absent: Russia was excluded from the competition in February following its invasion of Ukraine. Despite the competition organisers’ insistence that the contest is a non-political event, the conflict in Europe looks set to dominate the public vote. … Read more

The decaying underbelly of Calabar, Nigeria’s ‘cleanest city’ | Environment

Calabar, Nigeria – Each day, just after dawn in the sleepy southern Nigerian city of Calabar, Hannah Edet sets up shop within the perimeter of a mountain of rubbish right in the heart of Watts Market, or Urua Watts as locals call it. She dangles a thick bunch of fresh pumpkin leaves to passing commuters … Read more

How we remember them: My grandmother’s shirt | Coronavirus Pandemic

In the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, loss has been part of the lives of millions. In “How we remember them”, we reflect on how we process that loss and the things – both tangible and intangible – that remind us of those we have lost. I learned of grief in 2003 when … Read more

The rise and fall of a political dynasty that brought Sri Lanka to its knees

At the height of their power, four brothers from Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa dynasty held the presidency and the prime minister’s office as well as the finance, interior and defense portfolios, among others. But just when the Rajapaksa clan seemed invincible, an economic crisis of their own making led to their undoing. But does that spell … Read more

Ukraine war speeds Greece’s transition to EU energy gateway | Russia-Ukraine war

Athens, Greece – In about a month, Greece will finish building a pipeline to Bulgaria that will end Russia’s gas monopoly there and in southeast Europe. Russia has supplied 90 percent of Bulgaria’s gas until now, but on April 27, it cut Bulgaria off after Sofia said it would not renew its contract with Russian … Read more

‘Precious, irreplaceable’ $140K bottle of Scotch for sale at Calgary store – Calgary

A Calgary liquor store is offering up a chance to own a piece of history. Kensington Wine Market selling a very rare bottle of Scotch worth well over its weight in gold. “It was distilled Feb. 3, 1940, during World War II,” store owner Andrew Ferguson said. “This is rather precious and it’s irreplaceable.” The … Read more

Saint John residents resurrect bygone mascot for fundraiser – New Brunswick

One of the largest recreational facilities in Saint John is hoping to cash in on a bit of nostalgia after more than two years of pandemic turbulence. The Canada Games Aquatic Centre, which played host to much of the games in 1985, suffered financially as COVID-19 made swimming lessons and working out in gyms difficult. … Read more

Iraqi cleric Mahmoud al-Sarkhi deepens intra-Shia dispute | PoliticsNews

Baghdad, Iraq – A mosque pulled down by tractors, angry protesters setting buildings on fire, and police arrests: despite their relatively small-scale, recent events across a few cities in Iraq were enough to startle the country over the last month, and all were linked to a controversial Muslim scholar – Mahmoud al-Sarkhi. The trigger in … Read more

Why Ghana’s vaccination drive is stagnating

Despite reluctance, officials are keen to push on with the Covid vaccine programme, concerned that a new variant could wreak havoc in its mostly unvaccinated population, large groups of whom do not live close to hospitals. Other west African nations have similarly low Covid vaccine rates, fueled by a delay in shipments and low uptake. … Read more

Lethbridge Animal Shelter seeing more surrenders, fewer adoptions – Lethbridge

Taylor has been staying at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter since December. “She’s an amazing cat,” shelter animal care team lead Abby Oriold said. “She’s super affectionate, not a lot of work.” Taylor is one of 22 cats currently at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter. May 5, 2022. Erik Bay/Global News And she’s not alone. Some dogs … Read more