Polish and Ukrainian activists march for LGBTQ rights in Warsaw

Issued on: 06/25/2022 – 22:10 Ukrainians were among tens of thousands of LGBTQ activits who took part in the Polish capital’s Pride parade Saturday, in a country hosting tens of thousands of Ukrainians who have fled the Russian invasion. The march however started with a minute of silence for two people killed in a shooting … Read more

Ukraine: Severodonetsk ‘completely under Russian occupation’

“The [Russians] appointed a commander. But the city is so destroyed that it will be difficult for people to cope with this situation,” said military administration chief Oleksandr Striuk. Regional military officials said Friday that the last troops in Severodonetsk had been ordered to leave, as it was impossible to keep defending their positions. This … Read more

France’s Macron asks Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to propose new government

Issued on: 06/25/2022 – 22:23 French President Emmanuel Macron has asked Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to propose a new “government of action” that will be named in early July, according to an interview with AFP. Macron also confirmed his confidence in Born for the long term, AFP said in a Twitter post. The president rejected … Read more

Fall of Severodonetsk is Russia’s biggest victory since Mariupol | News

Russian forces have fully occupied Severodonetsk, the mayor of the eastern Ukrainian city said, confirming Ukraine’s biggest battlefield setback for more than a month after weeks of fighting to hold the strategic town and latest symbol of Ukrainian resistance. Russian missiles also rained down on western, northern and southern parts of the country on Saturday … Read more

Thousands of protesters arrive as G7 conventions in Germany | FoodNews

The agenda of the summit in Munich includes Russia’s war on Ukraine, climate change, energy and a looming food security crisis. About 4,000 protesters gathered in Munich as the Group of Seven (G7) leading economic powers prepared to hold their annual gathering in Germany’s Bavarian Alps. Organizers said they hoped to mobilize up to 20,000 … Read more

Crowds Take Part in Sarajevo’s Gay Pride Parade

Crowds marched through the streets of Sarajevo on Saturday, June 25, as the Bosnian capital hosted its annual gay pride parade. This footage, captured by Twitter user @sanjinbuzo, shows people holding colorful signs in central Sarajevo. Bosnia’s first Gay Pride parade took place in the capital in 2019. Credit: @sanjinbuzo via Storyful

Gabon and Togo admitted into Commonwealth group of nations

KIGALI, Rwanda — The African nations of Gabon and Togo have been admitted into the Commonwealth group of nations. “We welcome them,” Rwandan President Paul Kagame, whose government hosted a summit of Commonwealth leaders this week, told reporters Saturday. Gabon and Togo are Francophone countries that actively tried to join the bloc of 54 nations. … Read more

European mayors duped into calls with fake Kyiv mayor

BERLIN — The mayor of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv warned Saturday that an imposter is posing as him and communicating with other officials, including three European mayors who were duped into believing they were having a video call with the real Vitali Klitschko. “Several mayors in Europe have been contacted by a fake mayor … Read more

Ukraine reports ‘massive bombardment’ from Belarus

Issued on: 06/25/2022 – 12:10 Ukraine said it came under “massive bombardment” Saturday from neighboring Belarus, a Russian ally not officially involved in the conflict, the day after announcing a retreat from the strategic city of Severodonetsk. Twenty rockets targeted the village of Desna in the northern Chernigiv region, Ukraine’s northern military command said in … Read more