‘Precious reminder we were all young once’: REBECCA ENGLISH on the Queen responding to home movies

Cameras, the Queen says, have always been part of the lives of the Royal Family. ‘I think there’s a difference to watching a home movie when you know who it is on the other side of the lens, holding the camera. It adds to the sense of intimacy,’ she says in a rare voice-over for … Read more

BBC Four And CBBC TV Channels To Be Axed As Part Of Further Budget Cuts At Broadcaster

BBC Four and CBBC are both set to be axed as linear TV channels as part of ongoing budget cuts to the corporation. Director-general Tim Davie announced to staff on Thursday that 1,000 jobs will be cut across the public-funded part of the BBC. BBC World News and BBC News Channel will merge to create … Read more

BBC News Trashes Manchester United In A Vicious Blooper

A graphic saying “Manchester United are rubbish” appeared on-screen Tuesday during a report on the French Open and remained on the news ticker for several seconds. The BBC’s Annita McVeigh later apologized, chalking the blooper up to a trainee learning to post updates for the news ticker accidentally publishing a random thought. While the comment … Read more

Emma Barnett’s interview with Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was a masterclass

The BBC announced last week that record numbers are using its online BBC Sounds platform, with upwards of four million listeners a week now accessing it for podcasts, music mixes and on-demand. (That’s compared with 33.11 million listening to its live radio output.) I use it a lot and was glad of it, having been … Read more

From hot-air balloons to VPNs: Why the world needs a Cold War tactics 2.0 to combat Russian propaganda

It’s a time of soaring international tension. Disinformation, censorship and fake news are rampant. The threat of nuclear war looms large. And the United States, staring down an authoritarian regime in Moscow, launches its vehicle of choice to counter propaganda: the hot-air balloon. In what must be one of the zanier spy plans, the American … Read more

Fresh Row Over Street Harassment Law To Protect Women And Girls

A fresh row has broken out after a government adviser suggested calls to criminalize street harassment are being blocked. Nimco Ali, the independent adviser on tackling violence against women and girls, suggested the plan was facing “pushback” from parts of government. In an interview on the BBC’s Political Thinking with Nick Robinson, Ali appeared to … Read more

Dominic Raab asks BBC presenter the price of oil to check ‘how in touch you are’

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has asked a BBC presenter how much a liter of unleaded oil costs, adding: “I’m just checking how in touch you are.” It comes as fuel prices have climbed to record highs, with statistics from data firm Experian Catalist showing the average cost of a liter of petrol at UK forecourts … Read more

a ramshackle affair held together with winning enthusiasm and sheer charm

Who’d have guessed that two decades after they split up, pop combo Boyzone would provide one of the most heartwarming TV moments you’ll see all month? The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show (BBC Two) climaxed with audience member Louise reluctantly agreeing, at the request of her long-suffering family, to let her collection of Boyzone memorabilia … Read more

watchable without any wow factor

After the all-conquering hit that was Normal People, the same team has brought us another Sally Rooney adaptation, Conversations with Friends (BBCThree). But lightning doesn’t strike twice. Where the former was a story with universal appeal – who doesn’t remember their first love? – this one is more niche. Although if you’re a bisexual Irish … Read more