Ezra Miller accused of housing 3 kids on farm filled with guns and weed

Ezra Millerphoto: john phillips (Getty Images) Another week, another story of odd, alarming behavior surrounding Flash star Ezra Miller. Today, rolling stone reports that Miller has been accused of housing three young children and their mother on a farm they own Yon Vermont, which unnamed sources have alleged is filled with pot and unattended firearms. … Read more

Cycling community mobilizes in huge democratic showing

The response was swift and effective. After news that the City of Melbourne had sought to defer the rollout of protected bike lanes in the CBD for the next 12 months, the local cycling community sprang into action. Word spread quickly online and in short time, submissions opposing the move came in by the hundreds. … Read more

Wanted: a chef with loyalty

Many restaurants in the CBD have become less visible as they wait for the right time to reopen their doors. Merica Charungat thought she had the solution when they brought a new chef in from Thailand. “It was a quick fix,” she told CBD News. “We’d rather close than affect our brand.” The chef got … Read more

‘202 For Peace’ campaign to reduce DC gun violence makes its way RFK Skate Park – WJLA

‘202 For Peace’ campaign to reduce DC gun violence makes its way RFK Skate ParkWJLA US sports teams take stand against gun violence after Uvalde, Buffaloyahoonews US sports teams take stand against gun violenceReuters.com DC teams come together to support Everytown for Gun SafetyWashington Post View Full Coverage on Google News

Docklanders desert Libs in Greens route

Voters in Docklands mirrored their Melbourne counterparts with an overwhelming vote for the Greens in the latest federal election, but it was a drastic swing against the Liberal Party that was perhaps the most notable trend locally. A total of 1702 voters headed to the polls at Victoria Harbour’s Library at The Dock on Saturday … Read more

New arcade at Scale | Docklands News

Last month Docklands News reported on the completion of a new mixed-use development on Docklands Drive with a residential tower and a striking arched facade to the street. This month it reveals the inner workings of the precinct as tenants get ready to move in and bring it to life. At street level there are … Read more

What no plan means for the Docklands brand

Every Docklands resident, particularly property owners, should be concerned about the chronic lack of a statutory Docklands vision. One that’s supported by a formal mandated development plan and timetable, with judicious oversight. In the absence of that, there are major implications for our uniquely convenient, city-edge lifestyle. The October 2021 and May 2022 editions of … Read more

Multnomah County Health Officer addresses rise in COVID cases leading into summer – KATU

Multnomah County Health Officer addresses rise in COVID cases leading into summerKATU COVID ICU admissions hit their lowest levels during spring waveThe Boston Globe Montgomery County hospitalizations still at manageable levels, officials sayBethesdaMagazine.com NH hospitals adjust to changes in COVID dataNew Hampshire Public Radio View Full Coverage on Google News

Does Sex Position Matter When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant?

photo: comzeal images (Shutterstock) If you and your partner are ready to start a family, you might be wondering what you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant sooner rather than later. From taking care of your own health to the timing (and position) of sex, here’s what you need to know as … Read more

Here Are the Signs You Might Have Adult Dyslexia (and What to Do About It)

photo: Farknot Architect (Shutterstock) Most dyslexic people are diagnosed in childhood, but the disorder can be overlooked and remain untreated into adulthood, which can lead to a different set of symptoms and struggles. There’s more to dyslexia than the common assumption that it simply makes people mirror or flip letters in their brains. Numerous other … Read more