Aimee Read from Manchester dies weeks before bone marrow transplant

After failed treatments for a rare blood disease, a 29-year-old was offered a final glimmer of hope. But there was a “heartbreaking” ending. A devastated mum has told how her daughter died just weeks away from a potentially life saving transplant. Aimee Read, 29, was due to undergo a bone-marrow transplant for a rare blood … Read more

RIP Douglas Trumbull, visual effects pioneer behind 2001

Douglas Trumbullphoto: Stephen Shugerman (Getty Images) Douglas Trumbull, the visual effect pioneer behind some of the most groundbreaking work in motion picture history, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, bladerunnerand Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, has died from complications with mesothelioma. His daughter of him, Amy, confirmed his death of him on facebook earlier today, … Read more