Director Lena Dunham returns with the trailer for Sharp Stick

sharp-stickscreenshot: Utopia Well, you can’t fault her for going back to what she’s good at. Lena Dunham became a household name for her frank and usually unflattering look at white 20-somethings on HBO’s Girls, becoming a self-styled “voice of a generation” that mostly grew to resent her. With her de ella first feature de ella … Read more

Louis CK begs fans to help him get his new movie into theaters

Louis CK. photo: Rich Fury (Getty Images) Ace 10 Things I Hate About You‘s surly heroine Kat Stratford might say: What is it, asshole day? Ace Johnny Depp celebrates a chilling victory and Harvey Weinstein refuses to stop appeal his felony sexual assault convictions, disgraced comedian louis cK appears to have decided it’s also his … Read more

Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster in the trailer for Fire Island

Bowen Yang, Joel Kim Booster in Fire Island screenshot: Searchlight Pictures/Youtube In Hulu’s upcoming rom com Fire Island, Saturday Night Live’s Bowen-Yang and comedian Joel Kim Booster star as two best friends who set out for a summer adventure at the historic LGBTQ+ destination. With it, Booster fulfills his dreamm of creating the “gay Pride … Read more

Killing Eve author Luke Jennings shares his thoughts on finale

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh in killing eve picture: David Emery/BBCA [As the headline suggests, this piece contains spoilers from Killing Eve’s series finale.] BBC’s killing eve came to its shocking and divisive end on April 10, with a end episode that bows to the dreadful “bury your gays” troop. The finale infuriated not only … Read more

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On looks for his family in trailer

It feels like forever ago since the Marcel The Shell With Shoes On feature film was announced. Jenny Slate first announced in 2014 that she and Marcel The Shell co-creator Dean Fleischer-Camp were planning a movie based on the three-part shorts that went viral on YouTube. Eight years later, we finally have a trailer for … Read more

Umbrella Academy Season 3 First Look—Elliot Page Reveals Viktor

Elliot Page on the Umbrella Academy Netflix Ace Season Three of Umbrella Academy wraps, the cast and production have revealed that Elliot Page, who uses both he and they pronouns, is returning to the show as Viktor Hargreeves. Previously playing a character named Vanyathe change comes in the wake of Page’s own announcement of … Read more

Oscars Ceremony Gives Brief Nod of Solidarity With Ukraine – Inside Edition

Oscars Ceremony Gives Brief Nod of Solidarity With UkraineInside Edition Oscars so woke? Mila Kunis, Ukraine moment of silence and stars’ political statementsnew york post Oscars 2022 | Ukraine Receives Silent Salute; But Russia Mention Muted | Mila Kunis | Will SmithSHOWSHA The 2022 Oscars Claimed It Stood With Ukraine, But Could Barely Say Its … Read more

Ryan Gosling was almost on last night’s Atlanta premiere, apparently

Left: Ryan Gosling (Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for LA Confidential), Right: Donald Glover (Amy Sussman/Getty Images) Atlanta came back for its third season last nightreintroducing us to the frequently chaotic, deliberately surreal lives of Earn, Paper Boi, Darius, and Van. and almost Ryan Gosling, apparently: That’s per an interview that series star and creator Donald Glover … Read more

Boycott 03 Oscars over Iraq War

Adrian Brodyphoto: Frank Micelotta At the tender age of 29, Adrien Brody became the youngest Best Actor winner in Academy Awards history. He capped off his win at the 2003 Oscars by stumbling to the stage in a haze of victory and planting a big fat kiss on Halle Berry. Brody’s acceptance would live on … Read more

In Umma, Sandra Oh faces the nightmare of becoming her mother

photo: sony pictures In umma (Korean for mother), Amanda (Sandra Oh) and her daughter Chrissy (Fivel Stewart) live off the grid on a farm where they raise bees rather than vegetables, and it’s easy to imagine that writer-director Iris K. Shim intends for her feature debut to play out like a horror version of Minari. … Read more