Sydney Council food recycling trial extended

When Erin Clay moved into an apartment, the last thing she wanted to do was help the landfill by throwing food waste in the trash.

So Mrs Clay, of Potts Point, was quick to join the Sydney City Kitchen Recycling Trial.

Erin Clay recycles her leftover food as part of a Sydney City program.

Erin Clay recycles her leftover food as part of a Sydney City program. Credit:jack passage

“We’ve never really had any compost solutions for downtown living, so I think it’s fine when you don’t have a garden and you can’t do it yourself,” said she declared.

She was familiar with the trial, having initially joined it while living in a shared house.

The city’s food waste recycling initiative would be extended to more than 21,000 households this year, a City of Sydney spokesperson said.

The council is providing a small kitchen cart, a supply of compostable cart liners and a leftover food bin for residents.

Mayor Clover Moore said: “The average Australian family throws away $ 3,500 or more in food every year, which equates to about a ton of food waste.

“With around 8% of our total greenhouse gas emissions generated by waste, it is essential that we divert as much waste as possible from landfills. “

While other Sydney councils have a combined organic food and garden waste service, the City of Sydney has said this option is impractical given the large proportion of apartment dwellers in the city. In 2021, the council will assess more permanent solutions for recycling organic food materials.

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