Stephen Colbert addresses Andy Cohen’s drunken behavior on CNN – Deadline

Tonight on Late show with Stephane Colbert, he discusses the drunken antics of talk show host Andy Cohen on CNN’s New Years show.

“The second medical headline this year is Scientists Say There’s No Cure for Hangovers, which is terrible news for Andy Cohen,” Colbert said.

Cohen and Anderson Cooper were co-hosts of the CNN live show where Cohen took some very public hits at former New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Ryan Seacrest.

“Usually when someone gets angry drunk on live television, they have to go and explain their behavior to Andy Cohen,” referring to Cohen’s stint as the host of the Real Housewives reunion shows. However, the drunken host addressed his actions on Twitter saying he was “overserved” on the live show, even though he made his own drinks.

CNN’s control room didn’t fare much better because things were as hectic offscreen as they were onscreen. They were “tricked” into posting tweets from troll accounts such as @ BenDover837, @ Mikeoxlong625 and @DixieNormussss.

Colbert launched the latest joke to tie the whole troll theme together, stating, “Not to mention being trapped by the most false name of all: Wolf Blitzer.”

Watch the rest of the opening monologue above.

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