Speed ​​data shows need for urgent action on Slade Road, Bexley North, resident tells mayor | County Leader of St George and Sutherland

Speed ​​calming measures along Slade Road, Bexley North should be an urgent priority for the new Bayside Council Traffic Committee, a concerned resident has told new Bayside Mayor Christina Curry.

Responding to Cr Curry’s call on Facebook asking residents what they thought would be a priority for the new council, resident George called for a review of speed bumps along Slade Road.

He backed this up with a list of statistics and accident data along the route.

In March 2018, a pedestrian died after being hit by a car on Slade Road near Irwin Crescent.

On September 23, 2021, a man was rescued from a vehicle after a collision with a ute between Irwin Crescent and Kingsland Road North, and on November 14 last year, a car flipped on its side near Stotts Ave.

Resident George, who did not want to use his surname, compiled traffic incidents on Slade Road, including accident statistics and the number of speed tubes.

Data collected between 21 and 27 April 2021 on Slade Road near Irwin Crescent showed a large number of cars exceeding the 50km/h speed limit.

This showed 1,861 vehicles traveling at 60-70 km/h, 186 traveling at 70-80 km/h, 41 traveling at 80-90 km/h and 20 traveling at over 100 km/h.

This data was compiled by CFE Information Technologies for Bayside Council.

“Had there been police policing this place, the NSW government would have received over $710,000 in fines, issued 6,652 demerit points and suspended 20 licenses in this week alone. “, said George.

In 2015, the then Rockdale Council Traffic Committee were advised that the RMS did not support the installation of a speed bump at Slade Road as it is a regional road.

“However, there are many regional roads within the Bayside LGA which have speed bumps, such as Chuter Avenue outside Ramsgate RSL, Ramsgate Road opposite Coles Car Park and New Illawarra Road Bexley North outside from the Metro Petrol station,” George said.

George said Slade Road needed low-profile speed bumps similar to those installed in June last year at Shaw Street, Bexley North.

“Placing three from the Bexley North Hotel and between Sarsfield Circuit and Stotts Avenue would bring the speed significantly down to the posted speed limit of 50mph,” George said.

“Having just one speed bump won’t solve the problem because standing at the intersection of Sarsfield Circuit and Slade Road you can see cars speeding up as they exit Bexley Road and head east along Slade Road. You also see cars increasing in speed as they head up Bexley Road and try to get the green light,” George said.

“With recent accident history and known speeding, residents are wondering when the traffic committee will revisit this stretch of road as a priority to implement some serious form of traffic calming.”



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