‘Significant’ snow dump after extremely cold weekend in Ottawa and valley

Wind chill values ​​could reach -40°C early Saturday morning.

Environment Canada is issuing an extreme cold warning for Ottawa and the valley before what is expected to be a heavy snowfall begins next week.

The temperature is expected to drop throughout the day on Friday January 14, with a local wind chill near -35 degrees Celsius (C) in the evening.

The weather agency indicates that the temperature should drop further overnight. Wind chill values ​​are expected to reach -40°C until early Saturday morning.

Environment Canada expects the temperature to moderate somewhat on Saturday afternoon as the winds ease, but extremely cold wind chill values ​​of -35C could return to some areas Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The agency is asking residents to watch for cold-related symptoms: shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness and discoloration of fingers and toes. Dressing in layers that can be removed and making the outer layer windproof are also good ideas.

The good news for the weekend is that despite the cold, the sun should be shining.

Monday is when that changes, though. Environment Canada calls for snow.

MétéoMédia announces more than 20 centimeters. Tuesday and Wednesday could also see small amounts of fresh snow.

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