Scott Carver heads to Melbourne, permanently!

Scott Carver has expanded its operations to Melbourne’s east end, following two wins for large-scale projects in the region.

Located in the T&G Building at 161 Collins Street, the practice has thrown the doors open of its new studio to the world.

“Whilst operating across the Pacific region with active projects in all Australian states, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, our decision to close our China office 3 years ago pre-pandemic proved a wise move. A pivot towards Melbourne during the pandemic has provided an equal success with these new wins,” says Scott Carver Managing Director Rodney Paesler.

One of the major projects that was handed to Scott Carver is due to break ground next month. Earmarked as the largest Build-to-Rent development in Australia, the development comprises a 700-apartment, 3 tower precinct in South Melbourne for Greystar Australia.

“This is an exciting project with a significant global leader in housing,” says Director Nicholas Bandounas.

“We have a unique opportunity to contribute, in some way, to this landmark transformation that will have far reaching, long-term benefits for the community. Physically being here to engage in dialogue, experience the journey and guide the design process is an important part of making the most positive impact we can.”

Scott Carver hopes to bring residential expertise and commitment to the Victorian market through the opening of a Melbourne office. Honing their skills within the complex NSW planning environment, the practice has designed over 40,000 dwellings in its home state in the last decade (including the Theater Royal, pictured above), as well as overseas. The team is confident in responding to the specifics of Melbourne’s nuances.

“We’re very comfortable with delivering projects nationally and internationally, and we wanted to establish a team in Melbourne, primarily for a couple of significant projects that have been given the green light, as well as looking ahead to local projects in the future, ” says Bandounas.

“Despite the familiarity, ease, and technical ability we have to work remotely these days, the value of having people on the ground working face to face, being responsive and building personal relationships with clients, contractors and other stakeholders can’t be underestimated. ”

The Melbourne team is headed up by local Associate and Studio Manager Janette Chow, who has been an architect and project leader with the firm for over 5 years.

“We are looking forward to serving the Melbourne market and beyond from our studio in the CBD, and will no doubt be bringing inspiration from the rich local character of the city and our own unique style into all our projects” she says.

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