SA registers 3,246 new cases of COVID-19

There are now 102 patients who have contracted the virus being treated in hospital, 12 of whom are in intensive care and one in need of ventilation.

More than 13,000 active cases remain statewide.

South Australia’s Prime Minister Steven Marshall said the number of COVID-19 cases in state prisons had increased.

Like almost every other Australian state, South Australia continued to report a record number of daily COVID-19 cases. (Getty)

“Yesterday, I took stock of the prison population and we were at 90,” he said.

“It has increased again today to 128.”

Mr Marshall said all staff who have come in contact with the virus within the prison system “are doing well”.

“We are not aware of any people who were transferred to the hospital other than the one very early in the day who was from Adelaide Women’s Prison,” Marshall added.

It is a pathology lab that has lost around 100 COVID-19 test swabs as well as a number of blood samples from the Mount Gambier area has confirmed they have now been recovered.

Testing will be carried out as soon as possible, with some residents awaiting results since December 28 last year.

Mr Marshall said four private testing clinics will close, but the state’s testing capacity “will compensate for that volume.”

“If there is a pathology service in Australia that can take over, it is SA Pathology,” he said.

“We certainly have the highest per capita testing rate in the country. “

Mr Marshall added that the state has the “shortest time frame” for testing in the country.

There will be a more regular supply of rapid antigenic tests in South Australia in the days and weeks to come, the Prime Minister said.

“As I said, in the future over a million people enter South Australia on a continuous basis,” said Mr. Marshall.

“We are looking to work with some of the smaller jurisdictions to help them consolidate orders with some of the larger manufacturers for rapid antigen testing.”

More than 250,000 rapid tests have arrived in the state today.

Rapid antigen test
Rapid antigenic testing will become more accessible in South Africa. (9News)

Majority in unvaccinated hospitals

Between 30 and 40 percent of people currently hospitalized in the state with COVID-19 are not fully vaccinated.

“Again, my strong message is that you need to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” Mr. Marshall said.

“Because 30 to 40 percent of people currently hospitalized are not fully vaccinated and yet the proportion of people in South Australia who are not fully vaccinated, aged 12 and over, is around 10 percent.”

“So it’s a massive overrepresentation of those who are not fully vaccinated.”

Changes to the definition of closed contact

Yesterday, Mr. Marshall announced that further changes to the definition of close contact are expected to come into effect overnight.

Residents without a mask who have been in close contact indoors for at least 15 minutes with a positive COVID-19 case will now be legally required to self-quarantine.

Steven marshall
South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall confirmed that the SA had deviated slightly from the National Cabinet definition of close contact. (Getty)

“If you are face to face with no mask inside, then you will be referred to as close contact if you have been there for more than 15 minutes,” he said.

The rule does not apply for example “if you are in a restaurant and the waiter is wearing a mask” – they would not be referred to as close contact, Mr Marshall said.

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“But if you are with someone who is COVID positive face to face without a mask inside for more than 15 minutes, it is very likely that you are COVID positive as well.”

The state’s prison systems have also been reported as potential super-spray sites with more than 90 inmates testing positive yesterday.

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