REPORT: Moon Knight Premiere Much Earlier Than Expected

A new report suggests Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight series will soon debut on Disney+, with a trailer likely to debut during the Super Bowl.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the project, the start of Marvel Studios moon knight maybe just around the corner.

A report from Brandon Matthews of The Illuminerdi suggests the series will launch on March 30. Matthews also claimed that, as Hawk Eye and Wanda Vision before that, moon knight will drop two episodes for its premiere. Given that the series’ first season will run for six episodes, this projected schedule would see moon knight will run until April 27.

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Marvel Studios has retained much of moon knightDisney’s production is under wraps, only releasing a brief teaser for the series in November 2021 as part of Disney+ Day. This footage gave fans a glimpse of Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, a vigilante diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. In the comics, the mental state of the vigilante is manifested by several characters, such as an eccentric millionaire named Steven Grant and a street taxi driver named Jake Lockley. The teaser for moon knight suggests that this character element will carry over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Isaac is shown struggling with his psyche.

Isaac said playing Moon Knight was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of his career. “I was looking forward to being on set,” he said. “It was the biggest workload I’ve ever had in my career and the most difficult by the amount of stuff we had to do in eight months – and even still I couldn’t wait to get to work. .”

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moon knight will also star Ethan Hawke in an undisclosed role that many believe is the series’ villain. Although the actor has yet to confirm to the public who he is playing, Hawke revealed his moon knight role to a self-proclaimed Marvel superfan: his son. Hawke said his son’s intricate knowledge of the MCU helped him play his character with precision, saying, “He was my go-to resource.” Some also suspect moon knight will feature an appearance from Mahershala Ali’s Blade. In the comics, Moon Knight and Blade share a penchant for battling creatures of the night such as vampires and werewolves, making teaming up a fitting way to introduce the vampire hunter to MCU audiences.

While moon knight is guaranteed to have a star-studded cast, one of its directors may be one of the show’s biggest attractions. Rumors suggest that George Clooney will direct at least one episode of the series, joining confirmed series director Mohamed Diab. Clooney, who infamously played Bruce Wayne in the movie review batman and robin, previously directed Isaac for the 2017 film Suburb and received Oscar nominations for his work on Good night and good luck and The ides of March.

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