Rejection of the project of a Banksia pension with 100 residents | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

A plan for a $ 4.5 million four-story pension with 49 double rooms at Banksia was turned down by the Bayside Local Planning Panel.

The application from social housing provider Muslim Care was presented to the December 14 planning committee meeting with a recommendation of denial from the Bayside Council.

He would have seen the demolition of two houses at 14-16 Banksia Avenue to make a combined site of 1,217 square meters.

The pension plan consisted of 11 “double tenant” rooms plus a common open space, a common room and a manager’s room on the ground floor.

There would be 16 double bedrooms on level one, 12 on level two and nine on level three.

There would be on-site parking for 10 cars, five motorcycles and five bicycles.

The site is zoned R3 medium density which allows boarding houses.

Bayside Council received a number of objections on the grounds of height, shading, loss of privacy, lack of parking, design and not fitting into the location.

The planning committee rejected the request for a number of reasons.

The panel found that the proposed design was not compatible with the streetscape or the local area.

It did not provide for the minimum number of spaces for motorcycles or bicycles and did not have enough common space.

There was insufficient information on the provisions for stormwater runoff and waste collection.

Finally, the panel said the proposal did not match the future designed character of the surrounding Marina Street neighborhood.

The applicant argued that the pension would provide more accommodation in the area.

But the panel said providing more housing in the Marina Street area was not considered appropriate due to aircraft noise.



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