React to ESPN New York Knicks Trade Idea

NY Knicks, Kevin Knox, 2021 NBA Draft (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Last week, ESPN published an article titled “NBA Trade Deadline 2022: What to Watch and Potential Deals for All 30 Teams.”

As the name suggests, every NBA franchise, including the New York Knicks, received a trade suggestion from author Bobby Marks.

These types of articles made by the national sports media are always linked to scenarios that are imperfect to say the least.

Should the NY Knicks have considered ESPN’s business idea?

In my opinion, the ball has been dropped on the recommended deal for the Knicks.

The Knicks get

Derrick’s favors

2022 first-round pick (via Phoenix)


Kevin Knox

Michael Robinson

(Editor’s Note – This article was written prior to today’s Cam Reddish exchange involving Kevin Knox)

I found it ironic that the first thing that was said in the Knicks part was that they “must continue to take a long-term approach with this roster.”

I don’t think it makes sense to trade Robinson for fun because he’s about to become a free agent when Robinson is clearly an impact player and he’s only 23.

Anyway, I admit that at first glance, this profession is quite understandable.

I don’t see a scenario where the Knicks can get a first-round pick in exchange for Kevin Knox, so that’s a plus.

Knox is most likely on his way out before the trade deadline, unless the team plans to get nothing of value for him before he hits restricted free agency.

Derrick Favors is a quality option in the center.

He’s a solid defender and rebounder, like Robinson, with the added bonus of being a pretty decent post scorer.

Favors even stretch the floor. There is an argument to be made. Favors is an upgrade to the center.

Robinson will be a free agent this summer, so New York offloading him means they don’t want to quit him.

They would get an immediate replacement in Favors which would presumably be cheaper.

Robinson is likely to demand a contract in the 4-year/$18-20 million per year range, which would put him roughly tied for the 10th highest-paid center each year.

Favors brings in around $9.7 million a year through 2023.

Despite these potential benefits, there are still a few reasons why I think this trade would not be the right path to take for New York.

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