Rare, Big ‘Balls of Fire’ Shoot Above British Columbia Skies

A fireball crossed the sky over Vancouver Island shortly after 5 p.m. Sunday

Residents of Vancouver Island were dazzled by a fireball crossing the sky on Sunday night.

Natural Resources Canada’s seismologist, Dr John Cassidy, told Glacier Media it was an incredible sight for those who had the chance to experience it.

“There was a huge amount of interest, a lot of tweets, a lot of emails,” he says, adding that he’s heard from people in Victoria, all the way to Tofino.

One of those lucky people was a man who begged to be identified as Sean. He and his girlfriend were driving along Highway 19A during the clear night when something caught their eye.

“Suddenly, a fireball lights up in the sky. I thought it was a push at first, ”he says.

Sean describes the show, which he filmed, as the “coolest” thing he has ever seen.

“The video didn’t do it justice, it was so much bigger and cooler than the video,” he says.

Cassidy says meteors are quite common.

“They happen all the time, every day, all over the world. It’s kind of like earthquakes, big ones are rare,” he told Glacier Media.

This one was big enough to make it rare, according to Cassidy.

“We see one every two years like this, every year or two, as brilliant and as meaningful.”

Cassidy didn’t hear if this one touched Earth (it’s rare but not impossible, he says).

“It’s big enough that it burns when it passes through the atmosphere,” he continues. “These are several miles above the surface and often they will shatter and there will be explosions as they fragment and people will see the flashes and hear very loud booms from the explosion. “

As for Sean, he says it’s been an adventure.

“It’s good to have something positive to say,” he says.

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