Queensland family forced to relocate son after being caught up in youth crime gang

A Queensland family has been forced to relocate their 13-year-old son after he got caught up in a youth gang posted several crimes online.

A Queensland family has been forced to essentially kidnap their own 13-year-old son after he got caught up in a youth gang and allegedly committed numerous crimes, posting several of his exploits to Instagram in the process.

The anonymous mother, known as Laura, said her husband had to quit his job and use equity from their house to relocate their son to New Zealand to keep him away from crime.

Laura said he was part of a growing youth crime wave across Queensland and had been involved in an incident where youths stole a car and drove it at 200km/h down the M1 motorway.

“Any mother would do anything to save her kids, but I knew I couldn’t stop him. I’ve tried and failed,” she told the Courier Mail.

“So last week we got him on a plane to New Zealand; it’s the only way to break this cycle. “While he’s in this country, he’ll just jump on a bus and come back … or find a new crowd on social media. They all know each other.”

She said the group used the so-called “Daniel Morecambe rule”. Named after the murdered schoolboy who was waiting for a bus when he was abducted, it means bus drivers should pick up any kids regardless of whether they can pay the fare.

“They all take advantage of the Daniel Morcombe and just hop on a bus without paying,” she continued.

“It’s broken our family. My husband is with him in NZ and I’m here with our other children, but we’ll keep this going as long as we have to in order to save him.”

Laura said it was the thrill of the crime attracted young people.

“It was never about money, even though he’s stealing all the time.”

“We could see the justice system was not going to stop the behaviour, so we took our own action. He was never going to willingly leave a thrilling adrenaline-packed life of crime with all of these juvie thugs when there were no consequences,” she told the Courier Mail.

“Police did all they could, but there is only so much they can do. I don’t know what the solution is, but it has to be radical, just like what we did.”

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